Frogs are common throughout the world. There are over 85 species here in the United States. The most common species include treefrogs, toads and bullfrogs.

Tree frogs and bullfrogs are most common where there is adequate water for their survival and reproduction. Toads are more prevalent where it is dry. Though treefrogs are considered beneficial because they eat insects, in some cases local populations can become a nuisance.

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Frogs can become a problem when they start nesting on the home and their dropping begin piling up on window sills, decks, patios and other areas where they like to rest. Some species can make a lot of noise and many people are frightened of frogs much like people are frightened of snakes.



Viper CypermethrinSince there is no type of frog bait to control local populations, the best way to repel them and get rid of frog populations is to take away their food. For small areas, spray CYPERMETHRIN where the frogs are nesting. Cypermethrin will kill any insect frogs like to eat and once these the food supply is gone, the frogs will be forced to leave.

Viper CypermethrinCypermethrin:


Pump SprayerCypermethrin can be applied with any standard PUMP SPRAYER and can safely be sprayed over plants, the ground and any ledges or window sills where the frogs might be nesting.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:


Cyonara RTSFor large landscapes, CYONARA RTS will prove more economical to apply since it covers a large area and comes with it’s own hose end sprayer.

Cyonara RTSCyonara RTS:



NBSIf you don’t want to spray insecticide that will kill local insects, you can opt to use an insect repellent. We have two options. One is a concentrate you mix with water. Known as NBS, you can spray it over plants and your home to repel insects. It can even be added to paint or stain for added insect repellency.

NBSNBS Repellent:


Pump SprayerApply the NBS with any of our PUMP SPRAYERS.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:


Mosquito Repellent RTSAnother repellent that is generally used to repel ticks, fleas and gnats but will also repel all kinds of insects can really help. MOSQUITO TICK GNAT REPELLENT comes with it’s own hose end sprayer so like the Cyonara listed above, it can be sprayed over a large area economically.

Mosquito Repellent RTSMosquito Gnat Insect Repellent:



Using any of the sprays listed above will no doubt help reduce local frog populations. But applying either the granules or the spray listed below will help even more.



Pest Rid GranulesPEST RID GRANULES are made with food grade actives that frogs do not like and will stay away from where the product has been applied. Sprinkle it out on the ground where you don’t want to see frogs. Treatments will last a month or more and it’s safe for use around the home, ponds and the garden.

Pest Rid GranulesPest Rid Granules:



Pest Rid LiquidPEST RID SPRAY is essentially the same material but in liquid form. Better suited for when you need to treat window ledges, bushes, trees or anywhere you can’t easily apply Pest Rid Granules.

Pest Rid LiquidPest Rid Spray:


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April 16, 2012

shyam @ 11:07 pm #


How do I control frogs at home?

April 17, 2012
July 11, 2012

Julia @ 9:52 pm #


I have a serious phobia of frogs and the apartment I just moved to has them around the walk ways. I have a fear of leaving my house and run kicking and screaming when I see one. I need a repellent that will keep them away!!!

September 20, 2012

Jeanette Jones @ 6:43 pm #


Does this product really chase frogs away? I do not have a pond but have a frog that is driving me crazy! Outside my bedroom .. I have cleared all moisture retaining things but he is still there! And noisy!

I have never seen him.. cannot find him .. he moves along the house from time to time..
even in the heat..
I want this pest GONE! before I get more!
I have lots of mature rhododendron plants all along the house but they are well trimmed..but I don’t want to use something which would kill them!

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