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What can I use in the kitchen area (sink) to control gnats? I have cleaned and gotten rid of stuff that might be attracting them . I am using fly strips which helps somewhat. Does citronella work? Is there a liquid spray I can mix for spraying in the kitchen area? Do you have a product I could buy locally, such as at Ace, Lowe’s, etc. Thank you.

There are many types of small gnats that will get active in the summer months and become a nuisance in the home. And the kitchen sink is a common area for them to nest. The drain line itself could harbor a lot of organic matter which will serve as food for them and if you have a sinkerator, there is even more of a chance of missed food and other debris on which they can live.

To control this problem, there are a few things that can be done. First, start pouring some SURVIVORS down the drain. This product feeds on organic matter which will build up in the drain naturally. Such debris is always a problem in  a sinkerator too. By using the Survivors, you’ll effectively reduce this material and in turn, take away their nest site. And forget about pouring bleach or draino down the drain to do the job like Survivors; neither will be nearly as effective.


Survivors should be applied once a week and you need to do the treatment at night, just before you go to sleep, so it can sit overnight thus having it’s best impact by allowing it to sit as long as possible in the drain before you run the water again.

The following night you should spray some GENTROL AEROSOL down the drain. Gentrol is a growth regulator and it works on most any pest by preventing them from growing to adults. It’s labeled for use down the drain and should be applied once a week. Just a quick 1-2 second shot is all that’s needed and this should be done in the evening too, just before you retire for the night.

Gentrol Aerosol:

Lastly, you should install one of our LIGHTED FLY TRAPS. I use one alongside my sink and it catches so many small gnats and flies it’s amazing. I change my glueboard every 2 months because it gets so nasty and what’s amazing is that we rarely even see any flying pests in the home. It’s like the trap is working that well and yet it’s still so discreet. We have ours just under a china cabinet which is alongside the sink so you don’t even know it’s in the kitchen. During the day it doesn’t catch much but when all the lights are off, it’s like a fly magnet and I highly recommend getting one.

Fly Light Trap:

Lastly, forget citronella and other repellents. Get what I listed above and you’ll be able to keep all these pests at bay. Oh, and you’ll have to order these products on line since we only sell through out site and you won’t find them in local retail stores.

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