Although cats make great pets, there are many times when wild populations or cats left to run loose can present problems. This article will address some of these problems and offer solutions.


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Nuisance cats can cause damage to plants and wild life. A cat has many predatory instincts which are lived out when they are able to forage freely beyond the confines of their home. Many times they will prey upon innocent birds and wildlife which are easy targets around bird feeders. Cats will spend hours howling their ritual mating calls throughout the night. Such noises can be annoying as well as disruptive to people trying to sleep. Cats like to leave scent markings to let other cats know their territory. This smell is both offensive and lingering. Many times it will lead to more cats coming around. In extreme cases, cats will learn how to live in the wild which will lead to established populations. These populations are often responsible for feeding on livestock, local bird populations and any other small animal they can find. If left unchecked, they will develop disease which can easily spread. Rabid cats are ever increasing and there is no slow down expected.



Granule Liquid GuardRopel GranulesThere are several ways to deal with these problems. First, identify what it is you want to do with the animal causing the problem. Many homeowners want to keep cats out of their yard or away from bird feeders. There are some products which may work well for this type of application. ROPEL GRANULES are time released granules which can be spread where cats like to lurk. Disperse them where the cat has learned to lie in wait before it attacks. The smell of the granule is mild but irritating to cats. They will move along in most situations looking for another place to stalk. If they persist in another area, be sure to treat it as well. In general, you will need to replace the granules every couple of months to get the best results. If you live in an area which has a lot of rain, you can install the GRANULE GUARD which protects the Ropel from rain and sun. It will enable the granules to release slower over time so they are able to provide control longer. These guards really are useful once the cats are gone and you are doing applications to keep them away for good.

Ropel GranulesRopel:

Granule Liquid GuardGranule Guard:

Dog & Cat Repellent GranulesIn addition to the Ropel, there is another product designed to create a barrier through which cats will not like to cross. CAT REPELLING GRANULES are small tiny granules, about the size of small seeds, which are sprinkled out over the ground and used to stop cats from walking onto specific sections of grass or turf. Once applied, they will create an invisible wall or fence which cats do not like to cross. Apply them at entry points, trails and other known locations where cats have been seen traveling.

Dog & Cat Repellent GranulesCat Repellent:



Pesticide Warning SignMany times these access points are linked to the property where the cat may live. Many cat owners don’t seem to care much about their cat wandering onto your property but you can rest assured they are concerned about the welfare of their pet. Installing some PESTICIDE WARNING SIGNS can help to motivate the cat owner to keep their pet somewhat restrained. These signs are commonly used by landscapers and are designed to warn of recent pesticide applications. People who have access to the turf should stay off the recently treated areas, as a general precaution, and most people will comply when these signs are posted. Setting these out around your property line may be just enough to get your neighbor to keep his or her pet off your land!

Pesticide Warning SignWarning Signs:



If you have nuisance cats climbing on your car or other areas around the home, you can try a combination of the Ropel Granules and Defense Granules to keep them out. However, these products will usually only work exactly where they are applied.



USD AC/BATT YARD GARD (49)In order to get a larger area covered, you should use an use ULTRA SOUND REPELLER. These devices are effective at keeping stray cats away and off your property. If you don’t want them walking around your land or stalking birds by your bird feeder, one of these will be good at keeping them at bay. What’s great about them is they won’t bother birds or other wildlife and they’re easy to install. Just mount one on a fence, tree, side of a structure or any other place you see the cats strolling.




USD Cat StopBut if the problem is with cats that are “scenting” or defecating, you’ll need to get one of the USD CAT STOPPERS. This unit is unique in that it only works on cats and only in a small area. By isolating the small range of sound most irritating to cats, it won’t affect other non-target animals and it won’t need any adjustments. Just power it on, set it out and you’re protected. It will work the best for those times when you have unwanted defecating felines. Just be sure to install enough to cover the areas you need.

USD Cat StopCat Stop:



Tattle Tale Pet AlarmIf you have a need for something similar to the Pet Boundary but need to target animals which are not yours, consider the TATTLE TALE PET ALARM. This device is similar in that it can emit a sound when animals get within a certain range and vibration is detected. This unit does not need a transmitter to actuate its alarm; it works off motion and has both a “low” and “high” setting. It is great to use on countertops, doorways or automobiles. Cats will be frightened by its sound and immediately leave areas where you have it installed. This is a great device to use when you want to keep cats off a certain surface, out of a particular room or away from a certain area in the home. They work off a 9 volt battery and have an effective range of 2-8 feet.

Tattle Tale Pet AlarmTattle Tale:



Sound is an effective way to repel cats. But because they’re so skittish, other “motion” type devices can be used effectively.



Stayaway Air/Sound RepellerOne such device is called the ANIMAL STAY AWAY. This unique repeller uses a blast of air, along with a distinct sound, to keep cats out of small areas like plants, counter tops, window sills or rooms. It has a motion detector with a small range of just 3 feet. This is by design since the intention of this machine is to use it for small areas. It also has two settings; the Stage One setting includes both sound and a blast of air and should be used when the unit is first set up. After a week or two, most cats will learn that the sound means a “scary” blast of air is soon to be released. This “conditioning” will eventually make them leave based on sound alone.

Stayaway Air/Sound RepellerStay Away:


Stayway RefillOnce you observe them leaving by sound only, you won’t need to use the air. At this point you can adjust it Stage II. This will help preserve the air supply in the replaceable can and thus enable it to last as long as possible. However, if you have several cats, you may find that keeping the “sound and air” setting on all the time is the best setting for several weeks. This is commonly done when several animals are being “conditioned” at the same time. Keep some STAY AWAY REFILLS handy and replace them as needed. Failure to keep the device armed and ready to “spray” will allow intelligent cats to take advantage of the unprotected area!

Stayway RefillStay Away Refill:



Scare CrowAnother device which we have had great results with is our MOTION ACTIVATED WATER SPRAYER. This repeller works by using a Motion Sensor and water. It connects to any standard garden hose, runs on a 9 volt battery and has an effective field of view over 45 degrees wide. Simply set it out, adjust the sensitivity setting to zero in on motion up to 35 feet away and you will be able to keep any cat away! The Sensor will “see” any movement inside the zone you set and when it does it will release a 3 second blast of water at sprinkler speed and power. This blast is enough to keep any cat away your car, bird feeder, side of your home, etc. The device will then reset itself and within 10 seconds is ready to blast away again. It has an adjustable field of view, a foot pad for easy staking and a pass through hose connection so that you are able to hook several of them up in series. It will work 24 hours a day in either light or dark. When using around cars or autos it is best to position one about 10-15 feet off of any one corner. This position will get complete coverage for two sides of the vehicle. In most cases this is enough. However, if the local cats have access to your vehicle from all four sides you might consider getting two. Positioned at opposite corners you will have all four sides completely covered. For keeping away stray wandering cats off structures, cars and from spraying around your property this device is probably your best bet.

Scare CrowScare Crow:



Ropel LiquidIf you have a fence, house, tree or other part of your property which cats are using to sharpen their claws, use ROPEL LIQUID to stop them. This product is simply sprayed on the surface of whatever they are clawing. It tastes terrible. Cats are constantly grooming themselves which will let them taste how bad the Ropel is. Cats will quickly learn to leave anything treated with Ropel alone.

Ropel LiquidRopel Liquid:



Another problem that develops when cats are active around a property happens when they mark or leave scent trails on trees or flower beds. This smell is offensive and will linger for long periods of time. Once they start this behavior, it will almost always lure more cats which in turn add their own scent. Before you know it, there is a stink that refuses to go away. In fact, the smell seems to get worse right after a rain. This is because of special bacteria which is part of their odor. This bacteria requires moisture to live and will “feed” itself if left untreated.



Black Light Deluxe Quick ActionTo remove this odor as quickly as possible, use a special enzyme called QUICK ACTION ODOR NEUTRALIZER. Although this product is mostly used for dog or cat urine and feces, it works well at breaking down strong scent markings from cats. It may take a few treatments, but the enzymes will work to break the odor down so that it won’t be as offensive or lingering as normal. The key to getting success when using Quick Action is to try to get it applied as directly on the scent or markings as you can. To help find exact locations, use our BLACK LIGHT. This can be used inside or outside, under dark conditions, and will reflect where the cats are leaving their odors. Once found, you are able to treat them directly which will enable you to get the best results.

Quick ActionQuick Action:

Black Light DeluxeBlack Light:



NNZAnd for “extreme” cat odor problems, go with the NNZ. It works on all odors and will eliminate the strongest scents. NNZ is ideal for areas under decks, crawl spaces, and large areas that need odor control whereas the Quick Action is best suited for small, specific locations.




When local cat populations get extreme, you may have to live trap out local populations to have a significant impact. This commonly happens since cats are quite good at surviving in the wild. And once they start breeding, feral cats can become a real problem that can only be controlled by removing as many as possible.

Live Trap 11x12x30Live trapping can be done by setting out large cages where the cats are active. The smallest trap that’s effective for cats is our LT111230. This trap is easy to use and works well. If you believe the cat is unusually large or strong, you may need to go with the bigger model LT111236. It is slightly longer and the cats are more comfortable entering due to the bigger size. Both traps feature opening rear door’s for easy animal removal; the LT111236 is available with a sliding door as well which is really helpful if you are trying to transfer the trapped animal to a holding cage.

Live Trap 11x12x30LT 11x12x30:

Live Trap 11x12x30LT 11x12x36:


Live Trap CoverSalmon PasteUse any fish flavored cat food for bait but cats can’t resist our SALMON PASTE if you want a sure thing. Also, in most cases a LIVE TRAP COVER will help yield faster results. These make cats more comfortable and get them inside the trap faster.


Salmon PasteSalmon Paste:

Live Trap CoverLive Trap Cover:


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January 24, 2012

Kathy @ 4:26 am #


We have 3 cars that are parked in a dark area. We leave for work in the dark and cannot see them. The cats want to climb up under the cars, even sit on the wheels. We have lost 2 cats from them getting in the fan belt of the truck. What can we use to keep the cats from climbing under the cars? We cannot leave the water hose hooked up so that is not an option.

February 23, 2012

Amy @ 12:39 pm #


I am having a terrible problem with roaming cats spraying my home mostly at night. I believe it was one or two cats but now it appears to be many. I’ve used many, many products, sprays, sprinkles..etc.. Now it’s worse. My home is being sprayed about every other day!! I have talked to neighbors and will be talking at a neighborhood meeting real soon. I have one neighbor who “says” she concerned.. she has 12 cats, yes 12.. In which I think other cats are trying to get to hers… I’m just in the way. I also have a large dog that I have spent hundreds of dollars on keeping him in my yard and it has all worked. These cats spray my front door and all around… H E L P !?

February 2, 2013

Michele @ 1:02 pm #


HELP. I live in a semi-rural area of Grass Valley, CA, though inside the city limits. My house is situated at the end of a dead-end street with a large lot right next door. The neighbors on the other side of my house have maybe 10 feral cats that they only feed and do nothing else to care for them. This horde of cats uses both my front and back yards as their toilet, and the entire area reeks. It’s extremely disgusting and 100 times worse in the hot summers here. I’ve tried all kinds of repellents but nothing covers the large areas that I need covered. In addition to peeing and defecating all over my yards, the cats hang out on my porch daily and nightly and just yesterday, I walked down the front steps to find at the bottom a big pool of cat vomit containing what was left of a bird wing.

Here’s what I need: A strong repellent that will cover large areas of my yards, such as perhaps something that can be applied through a hose attachment or something. I need something that will work continually and not have to be re-applied constantly. And it must not cost too much as I have a very limited fixed income. Can you help? Recommendations? Any advice? Thank you!

February 3, 2013

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