Mealybugs are small scale like pests that live on plants and feed on sap. They’ll readily become a problem on common houseplants and if left to grow as they desire, mealybugs can pose a threat to host plants leading to excessive plant damage.


Mealybug bugs reproduce year round with females laying 50-100 egg clusters on plants which will support their offspring. Eggs hatch what are called “crawlers” and this larval stage will typically feed for 1-2 months. Once they get their full, larvae become adults which will seek a mate and start laying eggs. Male adult mealybugs can fly and will migrate in search of females. Eggs can survive the harshest of winter cold and with the arrival of spring, hatch young crawlers ready to start the next summer community.


Mealybugs readily seek out any healthy plant whether it’s planted in the yard or moved around as a potted plant. This means any potted house plants kept outside during the summer will readily attract mealybugs which in turn will be brought into warm homes as summer turns to winter. This is the main cause of mealybug infestations and once in the home, any potted plant can become a target for egg laying females.


Insecticidal SoapOnce a mealybug infestation has been found, you’ll need to treat the plant with either traditional pesticides or something organic. If the infested plant will be producing edible fruit or vegetables, you may want to limit your treatment to an organic active. INSECTICIDAL SOAP is a viable option since it has no residual and can be used daily without danger to people, pets or the plant being treated. But since its gone within hours of being applied, Insecticidal Soap is not always the best choice. If you choose to use this option, expect to be treating 2-3 a week for a few weeks to solve your problem.

Insecticidal SoapInsect Soap:


Multipurpose Insect KillerA stronger organic option is MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER. This product will yield longer lasting results which mean you’ll only have to treat once a week. But like the Soap, you’ll be able to harvest fruit and vegetables safe for human consumption.

Multipurpose Insect KillerOrganic Insect Killer:



Spreader StickerBifen ITNo doubt the best mealybug spray is BIFEN. This concentrate is both odorless and water based making it very safe for use on any non-edible house or yard plant. Add a little SPREADER STICKER to the tank mix to insure good coverage when spraying. Mealybugs tend to hide on the underside of plant stems and leaves so its important to get the treatment well dispersed for maximum impact.

Bifen ITBifen IT:

Spreader StickerSpreader Sticker:



Solo SpritzerPump SprayerAny common PUMP SPRAYER can be used to apply the products above. Even a simple SPRITZER can do the job.

Pump SprayersPump Sprayer:

Solo SpritzerQuart Spritzer:


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