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Do you have a pesticide for emerald ash borer as we are losing ash trees that are 15-80 years old?

We’ve got a couple of options. MERIT WP has long been used to control emerald ash borers effectively. Its a systemic which means you need to “feed” the trees you want to protect. This is done by soil injecting inside the trees drip line.

Once applied, the treatment will be absorbed over a 1-2 month period (depending on the time of year when you treat). And once in place, the treatment will protect the tree from any kind of bark, trunk or foliage pests like emerald ash borers.

A newer product that works at least as good is DOMINION 2L. This option will prove more cost effective and since its also labeled for direct treating, you can spray any tree you want to protect. This way you’ll get faster results compared to just relying on the systemic action of either product since that can take 1-2 months. Now obviously spraying on a regular basis isn’t a practical way to treat for ash borers but for the initial, its worth the time.

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