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What do you have for June Bugs? They keep flying around my deck light. Must be 25-50 every night. And I see them dead on the ground all around my patio and back yard. I think they’re living in my grass too because I find white grubs in some of the dirt when digging holes for our flowers and shrubs.

June bugs are active from early spring through summer as adults but its the larval stage that does the most damage. No doubt the ones you’re seeing around your deck light are a nuisance. They’re mostly males seeking females. But the real problem is somewhere on your property and most likely in the yard.

June Bug

You see, after males find a female and mate, the females will deposit eggs in your turfgrass which hatch in about a month. The hatching larvae will feed on most any grass and can cause significant damage by eating the roots of most any plant. They love turfgrass, vegetables, shrubs and can even feed on a wide range of trees. This is the stage we typically don’t see but its really the crux of the problem because they can cause so much damage during their feeding. And once they’re established in the yard, you’ll be seeing more and more flying around windows and lights which is clearly a “symptom” of this much larger problem in the yard. This happens because of special “scents” they release where they have good food and reproductive turf on which to propagate. Here is what their grub stage looks like commonly found in the yard:


Now after 4-8 weeks of chomping away under ground, the larvae will pupate. This is the stage that lets them molt from grubs to adult beetles. Larvae which pupate early enough will emerge in late in the summer. This commonly happens in the southern region allowing for two cycles to progress annually. Pupae developing too late in the year will wait to the following spring to emerge once local temps in your area drop with the arrival of winter. But in many states south of Kentucky and Virginia, larvae can and will feed throughout the winter when given the chance. This typically happens during mild winters and in fact is a great time to treat.

To control both adult and developing June Bugs, you’ll need to use a couple of different products.

The first is a granule. Designed to slowly release, they won’t do much to the egg laying adults. But over a 2-4 week period, they will slowly release into the soil and in turn, kill the grubs below grade. DELTAGARD GRANULES has proven to be very effective on this grub and should be applied once in the early summer for all regions; southern regions where two cycles can complete need a second application in early fall.

Each bag of Deltagard will cover up to 10,000 sq/ft and should be applied once a year up north; souther zones will require two applications per year.





After applying the granules, you’ll need to water them in using CYONARA RTS. This low odor, fast killing active that can be applied around exterior light fixtures to repel them from the area. But it should also be applied to your turf grass, shrubs, flowers and mulch areas.

One quart will cover up to 1/2 acre and you should expect to treat every 2 weeks until their gone. Once gone, treat every 2 months during the first summer to insure the problem is eradicated.





Expect to treat once every 2 weeks when they’re active but even if they appear to be gone after 1-2 treatments, it would be smart to treat once a month to insure you get hatching eggs developing down in the soil.




Lastly, if you live in a remote area and the June Bugs are finding your house easily because its seemingly the only one with a light on during the night, consider getting a FISH LIGHT. This device can be set off your deck or porch. Designed to “mulch” bugs into your favorite fishing hole, the Trap Light uses a weed whacker cord to “grind” up unsuspecting moths, wasps and beetles attracted to the main light.





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