I have 12 Leyland Cypress trees that are 20 ft tall. I think beetles are killing a couple of the trees and starting on others. I checked on the internet which shows pictures of the holes under the bark where the bugs exit the tree just like which is occurs on mine. Could I use the beetle trap or should I spray or what?

No trap will help your cause. That’s because the exit holes are from adults leaving the tree. So if you wish to save the trees from further damage, you must treat them with products that will get the larvae in the tree and the ones hatching from eggs since the larvae are what cause the damage.

To accomplish this task, you should use two products. The first is an aerosol known as PT-Cykick. It’s pretty much odorless and easy to apply and also labeled for use on live trees. Commonly used for termites and carpenter ants, it can handle wood destroying beetles too.

Your initial treatments should target every exit hole you can find on the trunks and limbs but you can also inject some Cykick into any cracks and crevices you find. Larvae will typically crawl up from the ground and hide in these spaces so give any cracks you can find  a good spray to take care of any that might be hiding in these spaces.

Next, use a good pump sprayer or hose end sprayer and treat the entire tree with Cypermethrin. You should also spray the ground under your Leylands since this is where larvae typically hatch and start from eggs that fall to the ground. Treat monthly for 3-6 months this year and then another 3 months next year in the spring. By treating monthly with the Cypermethrin (especially the ground applications), you’ll be getting any hatching larvae so the trees don’t get new beetle activity. Eventually the established population will die off and in the end, you’ll be beetle free again.

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