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I live on 9.5 acres in the Texas Gulf Coast outside of Houston. I have dogs, cats and horses. I want the most bang for my buck and my main pest are flies, mosquitoes and noseeums. I was going to use the Bifen and Nylar mixture around the house and then I read about Onslaught for the flies which seems like it would cover the mosquitoes and noseeums too. What should I use that will work the best and longest? I was considering using a hose end sprayer or pump sprayer due to lots of area to cover. I want to be able to do around the barn, stalls, etc. but still keep all the critters safe. What a GREAT website you have. Thanks in advance for your help.

First and foremost, all of the products you listed can be used safely where people and pets reside and active. When used properly, the treatment will pose no hazard to them. In fact each product page has a “safety” video that goes over the best practices for safe use and storage of our products and if you follow this closely, you and the pets will be fine.

As for which product to use? That’s a good question. My first thought was to stick with the BIFEN and NYLAR since I use it around my home and it works very well. That being said, the one area I do struggle a bit with is the ceiling under our front porch as well as the bottom of a large deck above our back patio. Though I spray both with Bifen, the treatments don’t seem to last as long as I’d like and this year I’ll be going to some ONSLAUGHT to see if in fact I can get by with just 1-2 treatments instead of 6-10.

Out in the yard I would not expect any difference in the length of residual these actives will provide. But in a shaded, out of sun location like ceilings of porches or gazebo’s or soffits, Onslaught will last a lot longer. Just how much longer I’m not sure but I’ll be finding out soon. Now does this mean it will benefit you directly? I don’t know. But I figured this example would help you decide.

One other thing worth mentioning pertains to the choice of sprayer you employ. No doubt a PUMP or HOSE END sprayer can be used to apply these compounds. But if you’re treating 1/2 acre or more, you’ll do well to invest in a MIST BLOWER. I use it for my lot which is close to 1 acre and it works great. Basically the mister enables me to save big time on both chemical use and time. I can treat the whole lot in 10-15 minutes and in doing so I even use less than 50% of the material compared to liquid spraying. This is because the mist covers everything so well and thoroughly compared to a liquid spray. So if you plan on treating 20,000 sq/ft or more, I suggest you consider this option. It will more than pay for itself within 2-3 seasons with all the time, money and chemical it will save you.

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