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Who is BUGSPRAY.COM aka U-Spray, Inc. ?

Bugspray.com is a small business based in the southeast just outside Atlanta, GA which has been selling professional pest control chemicals and equipment for over 20 years. Bugspray.com specializes in helping people spray for any kind of pest infestation found in the home, yard, garden or place of business. Bugspray.com has been enabling homeowners and business owners a way to do their own pest control safely and effectively by selling only the best products and offering professional advice on how to use them. No doubt doing your own pest control can save over 70% compared to hiring a pest control service company so learning how to do the work is well worth the time and effort.

Bugspray.com was founded by Jonathan Schaefer back in 1992. After working in the pest control business for over 15 years, Mr. Schaefer decided to see if he could present his expertise to homeowners in a way that would enable them to tackle tough pest problems. Within a couple of years, he found out there were a lot of people willing to try and at present time, U-Spray now services the entire country shipping a wide range of products used inside and around the home.

Though the main focus of our business is Pest Control, we have learned to accommodate the demands of our customers. We now carry a wide range of products including live traps, pet supplies, bathouses, garden supplies, turf products, odor control products and a full line of specialty equipment. Our goal is simple and direct: If there is something bugging you, we want to know and once we know what it is, we will either detail a solution to the problem or direct you to an establishment that can.


Where are we located?

We are in a town called Lilburn which is between Stone Mountain and Snellville in Gwinnett County. It’s about 10 miles outside I-285, commonly known as the “Perimeter”, in metro Atlanta. If you intend on visiting us, we are easy to find. Located right on Highway 78, our address is 4653 Stone Mountain Hwy, Lilburn GA, 30047. We are open from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Monday-Thursday Eastern Standard Time, 8:30-5:00 Friday and from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 on Saturdays. When visiting us, look for our store to be on the North side of 78. This will be your left if you are coming from Stone Mountain; your right if you are coming from Snellville. Our local phone number is 770.985.9388 and our toll free is 1-800-877-7290 should you more help finding us.

Driving directions

If coming from the city of Atlanta, the best way to get to us is to come straight out 78 which runs from Peachtree down by the Fox in the heart of Mid town all the way out to Athens, GA. We are somewhere in between, about 10 miles past I-285. Just stay on 78 and your ride will be a Freeway for the first 9 miles outside of 285 and once you pass Stone Mountain Park, you will be getting close. Stay on 78 and a couple of miles past the park you will come to a traffic light. This first light means you are getting close. Keep going straight and we will be 1 mile down, past that first light you hit on 78, on the left. Just look for the Lowes Home Center on the left; once you pass it we will be coming up shortly.

When coming from the East or the Snellville area, the best thing to do is to get onto 78 and head toward Stone Mountain Park. Once you get to Killian Hill Road, you will be getting close. Just past Killian Hill you will see a Home Depot on your right. Keep going as we will be another mile down. Look for the Office Depot next and as you pass it you can just about see us at the top of the hill in front of you, up about 1/4 mile. Be careful not to pass us by as you must turn down Matterhorn Drive to access our parking since we don’t have a direct turn in lane off 78. We will be on your right.

If coming from the north side of town, use either Jimmy Carter, Indian Trail, or Beaver Ruin Road to get to us. If coming from Jimmy Carter, you will want to get onto Rockbridge and take that down to 78. Turn left onto 78 and we will be 1 mile down on the left about 1/4 mile pass the Lowes. If coming down Indian Trail, you will want to take that over Highway 29 at which point the road will turn into Killian Hill. Take that down to 78 and turn right. We will be 1 mile down on your right about 1/4 mile pass the Office Depot. If coming down Beaver Ruin, take it over Highway 29 and it will become Arcado. Take this down to where it intersects with Killian Hill and then turn left. Take Killian down to 78, turn right and we will be 1 mile down on the right about 1/4 mile pass Office Depot.

If coming from the south side of town, get onto Highway 78 at either Park Place in Stone Mountain, Bethesda Church in Lilburn or 124 in Snellville. If coming from Park Place by the Tennis Stadium, you will need to turn right and we will be 1 mile down on the left about 1/4 mile pass the Lowes. If coming from Bethesda Church, you will need to turn left onto Highway 78 and we will be about 1 mile down; just 1/4 mile pass the Office Depot on your right. If coming up from 124, you will need to turn left onto 78 which is the intersection in the heart of Snellville. We will be about 5-6 miles down 78 about 1 mile pass the Home Depot and 1/4 mile pass the Office Depot on the right.



Can our products be found locally?

Probably not. Though a few are main stream, most products we sell are highly specialized and not readily available through common retail outlets. As limited as these lines are here in the United States, they are pretty much unavailable outside our country. If you reside in any other country beside the U.S., don’t expect to find anything we sell at where you regularly pick up groceries or go shopping. Our products are the main stay for professional service companies. We are making them available to the general public and with education and training, hope to enable anyone to do their own work so that they can avoid the costly expense of hiring a service. Can anyone do the work required? Definitely not. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, our product line and technical support will make your job easy!!

Are our products safe to use in and around the home?

Yes. This is probably the most common question we get. Many people are concerned about using some of our products around children, pets or wildlife. Rest assured that you can use them confidently and with little hazard when used properly. The products we sell have undergone rigorous testing from numerous agencies which are designed to determine if there are inherent risks or hazards when such compounds are used around people and pets. In order for them to get labeling, they must be safe when used properly. Todays products have progressed chemically to such a degree that they are generally less concentrated, pose little or no hazard to mammals once diluted and have short residuals. Very few materials currently available have persistent residuals or pose unnecessary hazard to people, pets or our environment. This means they can be used as we describe without posing any hazard to people or animals. That being said, having some understanding of the inherent risks any one type of product may have can be very helpful when trying to make a decision about what to use. The following will help explain some of the different hazards associated with different forms of the products we sell.

Remember the word “hazard” means “potential to harm” and not actual harm itself. For example, both a firecracker and a stick of dynamite are hazardous when used carelessly. Furthermore, the stick of dynamite poses a far greater “hazard” then the firecracker because it can do more harm if it gets used the wrong way. Pesticides are much the same; most formulations today have little or no hazard associated with their use and virtually nothing to worry about after the application.

However, the greatest hazard lies with where and how they are stored. Clearly there are many household products which must be stored away from children and pets and concentrated pesticides are no different. If there is one area where concern is warranted, this is it. Be sure to keep them out of young peoples hands and where pets won’t have access. This will help to minimize any hazard and keep accidents from happening. Understanding the details of these differences may have an impact on the decision you make regarding what to use but again, when any of them are used properly they pose little or no hazard to the immediate environment where applied. To get a better understanding of how to safely handle, mix, use and store our pesticide products, I invite you to view our SAFETY GUIDELINE VIDEOS.

Pesticides fall into one of three general groups: Baits, RTU (Ready To Use materials like aerosols, dusts or granules) and liquid or dry concentrates. Todays insect baits have active ingredients that work on insects but are basically digested and processed as food when mammals accidentally eat them. Even the Rat and Mouse poison of today is much less toxic to non-target animals. Earlier formulations posed a much greater hazard which meant that smaller doses could impact a small dog or cat. However, most of todays rodenticides would require a lot more to do harm and when used properly, such quantities should not be available. Furthermore, insect baits don’t really have impact on mammals which accidentally eat them. For this reason, insect baits are clearly the safest material to use in virtually all situations. They will take longer to work compared to liquids, dusts or aerosols but they have proven to be very effective for both elimination and preventive treatments of many types of insects. For this reason they should be a part of the overall integrated pest management plan but probably not the only course of action if you have an active infestation which needs to be eliminated.

Ready to use materials, like dust, aerosols or granules, have low amounts of active ingredient. This means they, too, have little hazard associated with their use. The biggest hazard lies with the applicator since they might accidentally spray some in their eyes or get some on their hands. If this was to happen, their eyes would sting and need to be rinsed – much like that which should be done if you were to accidentally spray some WD-40 or hair spray in these areas. Once applications dry, there is little hazard to people or pets that walk in treated rooms. The rule to follow is to keep children and pets out during the application and for a long enough time period following the treatment to insure the application dries. This will usually be in 10-15 minutes so an hour would be plenty of time. If you treated with a dust, it is best to remove any product which is left out in the open following the treatment and this can be done with warm water and a rag. Granular applications done outside or in carpeting don’t have a dry time; once applied they should be dispersed over such a large area that even walking on them will not put anyone at risk. Don’t worry about runoff affecting waterways either; the amount of active ingredient needed to be applied on the average 1/4-1/2 acre could not have significant impact on a stream or river let alone some small amount in the form of runoff. This is due to the fact that it is both very weak when applied and that the dirt would act as a filter of sorts preventing it from relocating well. We are fully aware of runoff issues regarding agriculture where other materials are being used in such great quantities that impact is achieved. Most of the products we carry and the small amounts needed for the average yard helps to keep them from this category. However, if you have a small man made pond with some type of special fish as a pet, it is in your interest to make applications only where runoff will not feed to it. This should be done to eliminate the hazard of possibly hurting any fish which are more vulnerable to toxins that wash into a small body of water. Compared to baits, Aerosols, Granules and Dusts are slightly more hazardous but still pose little or no hazard to people and the environment when used properly. Clearly the person doing the application – especially with aerosols – are the main individuals who have the biggest chance for an accidental exposure. Just be careful of where you are spraying and be sure to do so where it is well ventilated and the hazard will be minimized. Furthermore, keeping children and pets out of treated rooms until the material dries will further help to reduce and/or eliminate any hazard. Since Aerosols, Dusts and Granules tend to work longer and faster, they are are fairly common and should be part of any complete integrated pest management program.

Liquid concentrates are the one form which does pose a legitimate hazard. This is because it is concentrated. Once diluted, its hazard is greatly reduced if not eliminated. However, the concentrate needs to be handled much like bleach or ammonia. Be sure to store it where children and pets won’t have access to it. It is also a good idea to keep children and pets off treated surfaces and out of rooms getting treated until such applications are able to dry. This will generally take no more then 1 hour but if it is humid and damp, waiting a few hours is suggested. Turf applications require dry time as well and it is best to keep children and pets off one full day to insure all areas are dry. Liquid treatments will offer the fastest control possible and will generally get a broader range of control for more insects. Probably the most common type of application being done today, liquid treatments are still what most people think of when needing to do some type of pest control. Though they still have their place, spraying should only be a part of a well integrated pest management plan and not used exclusively.

In summary, you can rest assured that we have made a special effort to control that which we sell. The products we now have represent the cream of the crop. Bait formulations available today will actually work on a large range of insects and are quite effective. However, they do take longer to have an impact so if you want immediate results, use the aerosols, dusts or liquid concentrates. In many cases a combination of all three is as good as it gets and should be implemented if you want both immediate and long term control. As for the warning statements which many of them carry on their packages, you must understand that these are standard guidelines which must be printed on most anything we sell which is concentrated. These statements can be found on many household concentrates and cleaners and they are present for good reason: concentrates should be kept out of the reach of children and pets and should only be handled by adults which know how to use them.

What is the shelf life of our products?

Because our products are made for professional use, most are quite stable and will last several years when stored properly. That being said, there are some which are prone to rapid degradation when not stored properly. Now what do we mean by “properly”? A proper location is a cool, dry location out of the elements and direct sunlight. Common “proper” locations include basements. But even when stored in a “proper” location, most any of our gel bait products (roach gel, ant gel, etc.) still have the shortest life of what we distribute. Gel baits are prone to a fast break down – especially if you store them where it’s hot. So if you don’t expect to use any gel bait you get from us within one year, be sure to keep them in a cool, dry “proper” location. In fact, storing them in a refrigerator is not a bad idea and in doing so, you’ll insure the bait stays fresh for 1-2 years. Next in line are bait granules (Niban, Maxforce, Advance, etc.) which are no doubt more stable; store them in a cool dry location as well so they’ll last at least what’s expected: 3-4 years. Longer lasting are our liquid concentrates which will generally last at least 5 years before significant breakdown begins. Lastly, wettable powders, dusts and lawn granules will last 7-8 years when stored properly.


Looking to hire a Pest Control Service Company and want us to refer someone?

Now if you’ve already decided that you want to hire a pest control service and need a reference, we can help. We have been sending our customers to a site which has a database of verified pest control service companies who we trust. To find one in your area, simply click the link below which will put you on the site. Once on the site, you’ll need to enter your zip code. The site will then show you companies in your area that can do the work.

Now if you use a service company the site recommends, please let us know how your experience goes whether it’s good or bad.

Click here to find a Pest Control Service Company in your area that we trust… 



How can you place an order with us?

There are many ways. Through our shopping cart or on the phone. Our in depth articles have links to products which are in our shopping cart. Using our cart will get you a 5% discount and is the most common way people order. If you know what you need, go directly to the cart which can be seen here:


Please understand we don’t keep credit cards on file and neither does our cart. In fact we won’t know your card number if you use our online cart. And for phone numbers, the credit card number is not accessible once entered. In other words, our software won’t keep the number once the card is processed and approved.

What about our privacy policy?

Real simple. We don’t collect any information on our customers except that which is needed for the sole purpose of order processing. Furthermore, no where on any of our pages is data being collected by some other agency. We will only ask your name and address for shipping purposes and though we keep it on file, it is only stored in our private database which is secured and not on line so no poking or prodding eyes have access to it.

For those of you who sign up for our newsletter, we only keep your email address. That’s it. And we don’t share, sell, exchange or do anything with any other company or agency with your address.

What about cookies?

Real simple again. We don’t use them when you browse our article pages. For our cart, we have to use them for the sake of accurate order processing but once the order is submitted, they’re no longer in use.

Are we sharing information with third parties?

No. There are no third parties involved with our pages though many wish they were. We have repeatedly turned down all offers and don’t see any reason to change this policy.

Are we secretly obtaining your consent to something?

No again. There are no disclaimers written in fine print hidden amongst the thousands of pages we have posted on line which is somehow committing you to something you want no part of just because you browse our sight. Nothing. No need to worry about any hidden “opt in” lists or consents – they don’t exist. The information we collect if you place an order (phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, etc.) is only for our use and to insure we are able to contact you regarding orders, shipments, product performance and our newsletter for those who subscribe.


There is no way we can answer that. To find out, simply enter the item you want to get into our shopping cart. Next, enter the destination zip code. That’s all you need to enter and our cart will display a list of shipping options and their respective costs.



What is our return policy?

  1. No monetary refunds for purchases which are over 30 days old.
  2. Full store credit for purchases up to 90 days.
  3. All trap sales are final; no returns or credits on traps.
  4. No returns or credits when product has been opened, used or otherwise not resellable.
  5. For sales of 30 days or less, there is a 10% restocking fee for all returns. For example, a $10.00 return would be charged $1.00 leaving $9.00 actually refunded. You may decide to simply take the store credit which would be the product cost in full. Furthermore, you will also get a store credit for the charge of shipping the product to you in the first place which will then be applied to the shipping costs for whatever product you decide to get in the future. However, you will be responsible for the shipping cost of the returned item.
  6. Be aware that shipping costs are not refundable. This includes the initial shipping charge as well as the cost to ship the unwanted product back to us. For example, on a purchase of $15.00 that had a $6.00 shipping charge for a total of $21.00, there would be no refund of the shipping as well as a 10% restocking fee upon return. This means the actual refund would only be for $13.50. If you choose to take the store credit, which is 100% of the initial purchase for up to 90 days, you would only have to pay the freight to get the product shipped back to us. In this example, the $21.00 charge for the first invoice could then be fully applied to some other product we sell. For this reason the return of product for store credit is much more practical then returns for refund.
  7. For any return, be sure to include a copy of your original receipt of purchase along with a detailed explanation of why you are returning the product. Be sure to state whether you want a refund or store credit and if you are exchanging the item returned, be sure to include a current day time phone number and ship to address along with details of what you want.

Send returns to:

U-Spray, Inc.
Attn: Returns
4653 Stone Mountain Hwy
Lilburn, GA 30047




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