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I live in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I have thousands of beetles swarming my home every night. They are so bad in all of my trees and shrubbary that we can’t even go outside. It is awful. I am not exaggerating. I mean literally thousands. They make such a horrible noise hitting the house and screens. Thye look like a June bug but they are a light beige color.

Most likely some species of what people commonly call May Beetles. This beetle will infest most any turf grass and just about any species of plant. And though they’re active all day, they tend to be a nuisance mostly at night.

My guess is you haven’t been treating your property with any kind of granules or liquid spray because if you did, these guys wouldn’t be active since they’re easy to control. But they’ll take advantage of any untreated yard they can find and since they reproduce rapidly, one can get thousands of them active in just a few years if you let them live.

Over time their chewing and feeding on the plants in your yard will take it’s toll so if you want to prevent loss of landscape, here’s what you do.

First, apply some BIFEN GRANULES over every bit of your grass, mulch and flower beds. This product will slowly seep into the soil and help reduce their numbers where ever they might be nesting, laying eggs and keeping their young.

Next, spray CYONARA RTS over these same areas. But also spray all the plants where you see them active as well as your home. 1-2 liquid sprays should take care of any you see but don’t be surprised if they return in 1-2 weeks. If that happens, spray again. Eventually this year’s crop will run out and over time, the granules will take care of them where they’re nesting so you won’t experience such large invasions next year.

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