camel crickets in tub drain


What can I use to get rid of the camel crickets coming up the tub drain?

The drain line running from your sink, bath tubs and showers is a direct way insects can enter any home. Drain lines are typically empty most of the time and though water will flow through them, rarely will the water fill the pipe enough to flush it clean. And the same applies to cleaning compounds like bleach or ammonia; they’re not able to fully coat the pipes so the insects can avoid these cleaners and continue living because organic matter will keep accumulating inside the pipes over time. Ultimately, this matter will readily attract insects like roaches, springtails and crickets.

And once these insects start living inside your drain lines, its only a matter of time before some start showing up inside the home. This will happen once the population gets dense causing some to migrate. Typically this will happen in the spring, summer and fall.

Now if your home uses a septic drain system, the crickets could be living in the ground where the drain tanks are buried. So if you have such an area on your property and its accessible, treating the ground with some BIFEN GRANULES and CONQUER SPRAY can help. By killing them at this key location, it will reduce the population which will decrease the chances of any making their way inside the home.

But if the home uses city or town drain lines, you won’t be able to treat the sewers directly. However, you can treat your sinks and drains with PT-221. Labeled for use down drain lines, PT-221 is an aerosol that will flow down to where the crickets are nesting and kill them effectively. Treat at least once a week for a month by applying 3-5 seconds of material per drain and sink in the home. Since crickets can live and forage through any pipe, its important that you treat every drain so none of the population is missed.

After a month of treating, the problem should be resolved and there after, if you treat once a month, you should be able to keep them under control.

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