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I have a problem with something eating the carpet pile away. It is only eating the carpet and not the backing or underlay. We cannot see anything and have sprayed it twice with supermarket spray which has not worked. It seems to be eaten from the skirting boards inwards. We have it in two rooms and a short pile carpet is in both rooms. There is a terrible smell also in both rooms.

What you are describing could be an insect or an animal. Since you didn’t mention the extent of the damage being done, I’m assuming it’s not too bad. In most cases, the common culprit that targets carpeting and furniture is the CARPET BEETLE. In fact they’re quite common right now as they tend to get very active in the late winter and spring.

For starters, I suggest you read our on line article and treat with the liquid residuals we have have listed in the article. We sell what professionals use and not what you can get at super markets or home centers. These products really work well and if you spray, it will handle most any insect pest it might be.

Other possible pests would include CLOTHES MOTHS, SILVERFISH or even CIGARETTE BEETLES. But for now, I’m leaning toward carpet beetles. And again, the spray listed for carpet beetles will handle all these others too.

Now if by chance you suspect there could be an animal chewing the carpet, the damage will most likely be more extreme and happening quite quickly. If this is the case, give us a call toll free and we’ll further advise. Our number is 1-800-877-7290.

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