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We get palmetto bugs and I would like an effective indoor and outdoor spray to use for our southern Florida home. What would you suggest?

If you review our article on LARGE ROACHES, you’ll learn that we have several options listed which will work well for palmetto bugs. As you’ll learn in the article, the best approach is to spray the outside of the home with SUSPEND and then apply some MAXFORCE GRANULES to the flower beds and mulch areas around the house as well. The Suspend will last 1-2 months and keep them off the home. By doing this,  you’ll greatly diminish the possibility of any getting inside.

Suspend SC:

The Maxforce is actually a bait palmetto bugs love to eat and once they ingest some, they’ll die within a day or two. By using this product in the areas around the home, you’ll intercept roaches before they reach your house which will really help keeping the out.

Maxforce Granules:

Now if you don’t have any problem inside, I would say treating every 2-3 months with the Suspend would be fine both outside and inside as well. But if you’re finding them in cabinets or other hard to treat areas now, use the Suspend outside but then go with the ROACH GEL inside. Palmetto bugs love this stuff and will readily feed upon it when placed out where they’re seen foraging. We also suggest setting out some ROACH TRAPS around the home to help monitor activity. They can be helpful in locating problem areas in the home that may have been missed otherwise.

Roach Gel:

Roach Traps:

Here’s a link to the entire article:

Large Roaches:

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