There are many big brown bugs which commonly invade homes.

Trying to identify the exact species active on your house is difficult with the limited information provided.

Fortunately, knowing the exact species is not nearly as important as it can be when dealing with problems inside the home. At this point, your effort should be focused on stopping them from gaining access to the structure. To accomplish this task, you need to do a thorough exterior treatment on your structure.


CypermethrinInvasive insects are distributed in most any region where man build structures. The only exception to this would be where no insects are active. In most all rural and urban communities, there are many big brown insects including stink bugs, wood roaches, assassin bugs, box elder bugs and leaf-footed bugs. In general, all of these can be stopped and repelled by treating the exterior of the home with CYPERMETHRIN.



Pump SprayerUse one of these SPRAYERS to do the application and be sure to focus your treatment on the main sides where activity is observed. Most homes will have the most activity on one or two sides. However, treating the entire home at least once makes a lot of sense. This ensures activity you miss cannot lead to the same problem you had last winter; big brown bugs inside the home when it’s cold outside….

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:


Be sure to spray high on the structure and watch as the mixture runs down the siding. This runoff will coat the lower half of the structure helping to reduce the amount you’ll need to spray on the lower half. Expect to go through 2-4 gallons of finished material per treatment depending on the size of the home. One application should take 30 to 60 minutes to work and you should see quick results. Cypermethrin is both highly active and repellent to most every invasive insect and does a great job of getting rid of them for good. A good treatment now before winter will both stop the activity you see and prevent new activity for at least 2 to 4 weeks. If you note more insects returning and hanging around anytime after 2 weeks, treat again.



D-Force AerosolPhantom AerosolIf you start seeing activity in the home during the winter months, treat living areas with PT PHANTOM AEROSOL. This odorless formulation will last 4 to 6 weeks and works well on any invasive pest. Phantom is formulated using a unique aerosol that when applied properly goes on dry and will barely be detectable. It will work as quickly as some older formulations like D-FORCE AEROSOL but will last at least as long. For many homeowners the odorless formulation is better suited for inside applications. This is especially true during the winter months when opening the windows in treated rooms is not an option due to the extreme weather outside.


Phantom AerosolPhantom:

D-Force AerosolD-Force:



In summary, there are many big brown bugs that commonly invade homes across America. Treat with Cypermethrin and in the fall 1 to 2 times and you should be able to keep these insects off your building and out of the home. If you’re late with your application and find some inside, use PT Phantom in the living areas where you note activity. Invasive insects generally overwinter or hibernate and once they find your home failure to treat them will only lead to a worsening problem from year to year. In treating the problem on the outside of the home you can both avoid an extreme situation and accomplish success with little to no treatment being meted in the living spaces.


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