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Is it possible that there are more than one snake lurking about in my home? I started noticing something was weird when my two cats started tiptoeing around and acting so scared of something. They get real low to the floor and approach things totally terrified. They are 3 years old and just started doing this about a year ago. Then shortly after that I noticed I started smelling a very strong sweet smell, like corn. In another room I smell a strong musky like smell sometimes. Also I keep hearing some weird snorting sounds and so I am wondering what it is I am facing here?

Then I found a 4 foot long snake skin in my basement. My husband and father in law say it is just a rat snake. But I found a snake skin in the same place the year before that. It was a bit smaller but the same snake shed it I bet. Anyway I read that cottonmouths and rattlesnakes often den with rat snakes. I don’t know what to do but I am considering taking my cats and moving if I don’t find some alternative. Please any suggestions would be great!!!!!!!

If you review our SNAKE CONTROL article, you’ll learn about the various snake control options we have. Based on your story, it would appear that at least one snake has found your home to be a good place to spend some time. And it sounds like he’s coming back time and time again. Finding snake skins of various lengths over time with the skins becoming longer and longer is a good sign the same snake is using the structure. So even though you’ve found multiple length skins, its most likely from the same snake.

Now is there any reason to move? Not yet. For now, I recommend setting out a SNAKE LIVE TRAP where you found the skin. These traps don’t have to use bait to catch snakes. Just locate it along a wall where you think there might be activity. This will effectively force the snake to go around the trap and in doing so, enter through a door. Snakes are naturally curious and this entrance design tends to lure snakes naturally so it’s a great way to have something working for you that doesn’t require constant maintenance or management of any kind. And since you have cats, the live trap with no bait is the best option. This way there is no reason for the cats to mess with it.

A few other things worth mentioning. First, do you have a crawl space under the home? These are great hiding spots for snakes – especially rat snakes – during winter and summer. If you do, make a set down there with either a live trap or a SNAKE GUARD glue trap. Crawl spaces will commonly house snakes throughout the year and having a trap installed can help defeat a potential problem before it has a chance to escalate.

And second, have you had a mouse or rat problem? Snakes will naturally be attracted to homes with rodent activity and if you’ve had squirrels, rats, mice, chipmunks or any small animal, having a snake snooping around would very much be expected. So if you’ve had a small animal problem, it will need to be addressed too.

In summary, if you have had a small animal problem, make sure it’s corrected. This alone will many times force the snake to forage elsewhere. But if the home is rodent free but still has snake activity, the use of live traps is ideal because it can capture just one or several snakes with one set making it very efficient.

Lastly, once you know the home has been cleaned out of snakes, treat the outside foundation every 3-45 days with some SNAKE AWAY or SNAKE OUT snake repellent. Both will keep snakes away but don’t use it till the current problem is better evaluated and the snakes are gone.

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