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Every winter I get Ladybugs in my bedroom. They mostly crawl on the walls. I live opposite to a forest and the house was built in 1906 with sash windows. What products do you recommend to get rid of them?

If your review our LADYBUG CONTROL article, you’ll learn the best approach is to treat in the fall, before they amass on the home, so you don’t have so many hibernating on and in the structure. This is the reason you’re seeing so many inside. And the best product to use to keep them away is the CYPERMETHRIN. Its highly repellent to them and will drive them off the home if you treat now, before they arrive for the winter.

Now since the home has a history of the problem, it will no doubt be “scented” with ladybug pheromones which means you’ll probably still have issues even after treating. This happens because once a home is established as a good place to stay during the winter, it will usually take a season or two to get rid of the problem. This means you should expect to do 2-3 treatments this fall, 1-2 in the spring and then again, 1-2 next fall.

So if you treat now and still start seeing some in the home, treat around windows, moldings, doorways and other places where they like to hide using the PHANTOM or DFORCE aerosol. The Phantom is odorless and goes on dry but doesn’t kill quickly. It will take a couple of days to work. The Dforce is quick acting but has an odor and can be “messy” if you over apply it.

Lastly, set out a LADYBUG LIGHT TRAP in any room where they’re really bad.

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