do bat droppings repel mosquitoes?


Is it a fact that bat guano repels mosquitoes?

The answer to your question is a definite “no”. In fact bat droppings can be a hazard when they accumulate inside living spaces or in structures where people reside or work. They typically contain all kinds of bacteria which is bad to breathe.

Now having dealt with large bat colonies that had to be excluded from homes and other structures, I can tell you in many cases the spaces where the guano was accumulating would typically have some kind of insects present. Additionally, in some of these cases, mosquitoes were very much present and thriving. Now I don’t think the droppings were attracting the mosquitoes but I do believe the high humidity, moderate and stable temps as well as the unique shelter these locations provided were more the reason for the bats and insects to co exist. I say this because most bats will feed on insects and mosquitoes are one insect they tend to like.

In fact, we sell both BAT HOUSES and BAT GUANO. Bat houses can be used to attract bats and if you are lucky enough to have bats living on your property, you’ll no doubt benefit from their daily feeding. Most people want bats around because they’ll eat mosquitoes, gnats and other biting pests. And to get them to find your bat house, you should spread some Bat Guano inside.

Now the guano we sell is refined and bacteria free which is different from “wild” guano. But it does contain pheromones and other natural bat scents which can attract bats making it easy for them to find your offering. This in turn will lead to getting your house inhabited faster.

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Lastly, if you’re looking to control a local mosquito problem, you may find our in depth article helpful since it covers most all options we know work on this pest.

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