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I have a Rose of Sharon bush right outside my window. It actually touches my window sill on the second floor and it is in this room that I find one cricket a day. This is also where there is a window air conditioning unit. It sounds like they live in this bush. Is removing the bush the best first step and what do I do next? I live in New England and have never had this happen before and lived in this house for years. Is this a sign of a real problem? Please help.

In general, any home that does not have regular pest control being performed on the outside of the structure will at some point get a perimeter invader such as crickets. The good news is the problem is just beginning. Additionally, a simple treatment or two should remedy the problem without having to do major landscaping like removing your Rose of Sharon.

So if you review our FIELD CRICKET CONTROL article, you’ll see a product listed called CONQUER. This odorless concentrate can be applied to the side of the home as well as you turf and plants such as the Rose of Sharon bush. In most cases, using 2-3 gallons sprayed around the home will do the job since it’s highly active on crickets. In the days following the treatment, crickets will forage onto some part of the treated area during the evening and this exposure will eventually kill them. Don’t expect immediate results but if you do it properly, within a week the problem should be gone.

Use a standard PUMP SPRAYER or HOSE END SPRAYER to do the application and treat monthly to keep this pest (and any others like ants, spiders, wood roaches, etc.) from coming back around.



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