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I live in Massachusetts and have a problem with wild turkeys scratching up my lawn to get to the bugs they eat. I’m told that the best way to prevent this is to treat the lawn so that the bugs taste bad which will encourage them to move on elsewhere for food. Can you tell me if Whole Control would be suitable for this please?

Maybe. Here’s what we know when it comes to using “bad tasting” agents to repel nuisance animals.

No doubt you’re right about what they’re doing. Apparently your lawn has a lot of insects – probably grubs. And since insects are a primary food source for many animals, its no surprise something has discovered this food supply.

Typically we see this happen with RACCOONS, ARMADILLO, MOLES, SHREWS, VOLES, FROGS and even other insects like SPIDERS and SCORPIONS. And if you review any of the articles we have posted for stopping these pests, you’ll learn that one of the best ways to get them to move away is to target the food they’re after.

So with that being said, no doubt these turkeys would move away if you were to do some treatments with BIFEN GRANULES followed by CYONARA RTS over the top. The Bifen would take a week or two to soak down into the soil but it lasts a month or more. So if you treat the yard every 2-3 months throughout the year, you’ll surely keep local insects under control which in turn will keep away unwanted animal digging.

The Cyonara RTS should also be used since it will provide instant killing power. By using it over the top of the granules, you’ll get a quick reduction of insect pests instead of just waiting on the granules to kick in.

An alternate option that will do the same job is the “organic” ESSENTRIA GRANULES and BUG PATROL RTS. These products pose no hazard to animals, birds or people but they will control insects just like the Bifen and Cyonara.

Now after you’ve done one of the above treatments, no doubt spraying over the top with some WHOLE CONTROL should help. In general, we see excellent results with this product when used for animals like raccoons, moles and armadillo. But with birds, it’s hit or miss.

Some birds seem sensitive enough to detect the Whole Control while others seem to miss it entirely. So with that being said, I wouldn’t suggest relying on the Whole Control alone if you’re dealing with nothing but birds like turkeys. But if you treat with some granules and liquid spray first, you’ll no doubt see positive results once the Whole Control is applied.

One last option you shouldn’t rule out is Ultra Sound. We’ve had good results with a unit we carry called a BIRD GARD. Basically setting it out to point in the direction where the birds are active will yield positive results instantly.

Turkeys seem to hate the sound created by the Bird Gard and typically stay away from where they hear it. Initially the units should be configured to be on all the time and after 1-2 weeks, you can set them to “motion detect” mode.

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