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Help ! I have read your information on thrip control. They showed up on my pink roses here in Ohio last summer and absolutely nothing killed them that I could buy locally. They ruined every pink rose I had last summer. I finally cut all the blooms off (just about killed me!!) to get rid of them….but alas of course they returned. I had these bugs when I lived in S Carolina, but never experienced them here in Ohio…until summer of 2011. The only thing I found that killed some of them was yellow sticky fly/bug strips….which just looked lovely next to my bushes.. :( I hate using dangerous and expensive methods on my roses…..but I know they will show up with the first blooms of summer this year. I am printing out your info….but can you offer anymore. I live in NE Ohio. We are having a very mild…warmer than usual winter. Thank you for any more information.

I’m not sure what else I can offer information wise. In our article we list the organic thrip repellent PEST RID that you should start spraying now. And if you get thrips, use either the organic MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER or the strongest product listed called BIFEN. The Pest Rid won’t kill them and it does have a slight odor but if you keep treatments fresh throughout the season, you can keep thrips away without having to use either of the thrip killers.

The organic Insect Killer will have an odor too but it’s approved for organic gardening and works good on thrips. Expect to use it every 1-2 weeks in season and more frequently if the thrips persist. The Bifen will last 2-4 weeks no problem, has no odor, and will definitely knock them out. I’ve dealt with thrips many times and prefer the Bifen because it handles so many pests, is so inexpensive to use since you only need 1/2 ounce per gallon of water when mixing and since it lasts so long. Plus it’s odorless so you don’t even know it’s there. But as the expression goes, you need to “choose your poison” because in the end, thrips are highly destructive if left to do as they please and will no doubt kill your roses if you don’t treat.

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Pest Rid:

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Bifen IT:

Thrip Repellent:


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