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Hi, I recently moved to a new home in New York, Long Island. I am looking for DIY termite bait for my home. Previous owner had been installed termite stations around the house already and I believe every 3 months a pest control company came and replaced bait cartridge according to previous owner. Termite station is typical round station you can find on-line with caps. I did not open the station yet. But I will open it today see how it is inside. Anyway, I figure since I moved in I am going to change or put new termite bait cartridge. Do you have one or recommend anything for my home ? Please advise price and instruction. Thank you.

Termite bait stations are a good way to monitor for termites on your property. The best design is the ADVANCE TERMITE BAIT STATION. These stations are easy to deploy and should be inspected quarterly. The stations include two components that are used to attract termites in the area. These two components are the WOOD BASES and the INSPECTION CARTRIDGES. Both of these components are desirable to termites and do a good job of luring them should you have termites active in your yard.

So to use this system, you’ll first want to remove all the old bait stations and start anew. Next, set out as many of the Advance Stations that will be needed. Space them out every 10 feet around the home keeping them at least 3 feet away from the home’s foundation.

Now once the stations are installed, you’ll want to inspect them every 3 months to see how the cartridges and wood bases are holding up to the ground moisture and/or to see if they’ve attracted any termites. Typically the inspection cartridges will last a good 3-6 months; the two piece wood bases will usually last 6-12 months no problem. These estimates are based on normal type soil. For dry climates, these components will last a lot longer.

So under normal use, you’ll probably have to replace the Inspection Cartridges a couple of times a year. The Wood Bases maybe once a year.

But when you find termite activity in a station, you’ll need to change out the inspection cartridge to a BAITED CARTRIDGE. Keep in mind baited cartridges need to purchased separately and should only be deployed when you find live termites and no sooner.

Termite Bait Station: http://www.bugspraycart.com/bait/stations/advance-termite-bait-station

Termite Inspection Cartridge:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/bait/stations/advance-termite-bs-insp-cart

Termite Station Wood Base: http://www.bugspraycart.com/bait/stations/advance-termite-bs-base-2-parts

Treated Bait Cartridge: http://www.bugspraycart.com/bait/stations/advance-termite-bs-bait-cart

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