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What product do you recommend for stink bug infestations of out door electronic parking pay stations? I have had live stink bugs clog up coin acceptors and stop them from working. The bugs get into the electronics seeking warmth, but then die inside the equipment. We can’t seal the boxes any tighter, so I’m thinking repellent of some kind. Something like a gel, dust or solid of some kind since liquids + electricity don’t mix well. Thanks.

I have treated similar problems over the years. In all cases the common thread has been the nuisance insect is seeking the warmth of the box – whether its the size of a cigar box or a small automobile. I’ve seen roaches, stink bugs, ladybugs, ants, miller moths and earwigs do this but I’m sure there are more opportunistic species as well.

Now having dealt with this kind of problem in many different regions of our country, I know there are a few ways you can keep them out.

And with that being said, for me the most effective approach has been the use of a dust we carry known as DRIONE. This dust is highly repellent to insects. I’ve used it to protect electric boxes, circuit breakers, connecting switches, light sockets and a wide range of electric appliances. Drione is a dry formulation and since it can last 6-12 months, I find one good application can last 1-2 years. This makes the time spent applying it well worth the effort.

Now Drione will need to be applied using a HAND DUSTER. This way you can get small amounts applied as our videos show. This is important because there is no need to over use it.

Basically a light dust film over the entrance ways will do the job. And since the dust is like “smoke” when applied, it tends to spread out nicely inside small appliances and electric boxes making a thorough treatment easy to do.

Now based on the use of these stations, I’m thinking you’ll have to reapply some to the slots used by the coins entering. I say this because I suspect the constant depositing of coins will probably wear the dust down faster than normally. But since it will only take a couple of seconds to do the treatment, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The other big advantage with Drione is that all you need is a damp rag or paper towel to deactivate it. So if you find some in the coin holding box or if you find some excess dust applied where you don’t want it, simply wipe it off with something damp and it will be deactivated and gone.

Another product you may consider are NUVAN PRO STRIPS. These can be set inside the boxes for added protection. Basically they release slowly and their active will kill any insect trying to use the station for a nest. This can be helpful if there is another entry point you don’t know about and fail to treat with the Drione.

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