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Hello, we have a stink bug infestation problem at our 1 year old camper that is on a seasonal site in PA. I was going to try and get rid of them using Viper. The unit is primarily white. Will this product stain the exterior of the camper? Thanks in advance.

CYPERMETHRIN comes in a wettable powder form and a liquid “ec” form. The liquid form goes on invisible and will not be seen where applied. The wettable powder form will usually leave a very light while residue where applied. It resembles spring pollen so it’s nothing extreme. But if you want nothing left visibly after you treat, go with the liquid form.

Now just as a reminder, you should use more than just the Cypermethrin to solve this problem. In fact before you spray, apply either DFORCE or PHANTOM aerosol to any crack or crevice you can find. These products come with a straw like injector that will enable you to get the product into voids, spaces and hidden areas where stink bugs like to nest and group. So make sure you do this first and then go ahead and spray the exterior getting as much of it treated as possible. This will insure any you miss with the aerosol will be controlled with the Cypermethrin.

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