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I’ve got starlings getting through a hole in my soffit. What would you suggest as a way to drive them out so I don’t trap any inside when I patch the hole? I’m thinking that a combination of the spider and some of the spray repellent might do the trick. I can’t get myself all the way down to that part of the roof inside, as it’s too narrow. I can put repellent on the outside edges of the hole they’ve exploited once I’m sure they’re out, and hopefully that will deter them from trying to reclaim that space before I’ve patched.  I just wanted to see if you had some other suggestions I might try. Thanks!

There is a combination of two things you should try.

First, I think an ULTRASOUND BIRD REPELLER set up in your attic pointed at where they’re entering would be a big help. Birds don’t like the sound they send out and will avoid any space where its projected. My only concern is that you might have a problem getting the unit close enough to where they’re nesting. Though ultra sound will “shoot” up to 50 feet from this unit, you do need a clear air space for it to be most effective. So if there is too much insulation or wood blocking the sound waves, they may not be strong enough once they reach where the birds are roosting.

Second, I think an ATTACK SPIDER placed just outside their hole would be good idea. The key is getting the ideal placement. So for this to be most effective, you need to hang it so when set, the spider is covering up around 1/2 of the hole they are using to enter and exit. This way as they pass through the hole, its highly likely they’ll hit the spider causing it to go off. This in turn will scare them. I believe 1-2 experiences with the spider dropping down at them will be a big help at keeping them out for good.

Lastly, it would be wise to dust your attack with some DELTAMETHRIN DUST once you know they’re gone. This can be applied using a DUSTIN MIZER to insure you get good coverage. Since birds typically carry bird mites, there is a good chance of the mites will migrate into your home once the starlings are removed. This happens because once the birds are gone, there is no more food for the mites causing them to seek a blood meal elsewhere. And as you can imagine, people make a good “replacement” meal. More about this type of problem can be read in our bird mite article here:

Bird Mites:

In summary, if you go with both the Ultra Sound device and the Spider, I’m sure you’ll find all the birds will be gone within 1-2 days. At that time you can proceed with closing the hole with peace of mind knowing there won’t be any trapped. But to be sure, do not close the hole until you know for sure they’re all gone.

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