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I live in NYC and believe squirrels (possibly rats but I lean toward squirrel) are running across the top of my flat roof of a 2 story home. This is not in attic (I supposedly don’t have one). My home is attached to homes on each side also with flat roof’s. Anyway is there a suggestion so that they will avoid my roof?

First be sure you don’t have a hidden or inaccessible attic. This is critical for two reasons. Mostly because if you do have such a space, animal activity there is usually not good regardless of what it might be. Besides causing structural issues, animals can chew wires, pipes, relocate insulation and in general do nothing but destroy the integrity of the structure so it’s important you know for sure this area is free and clear of any animal.

Secondly, there are some options for the roof if you want to deploy a squirrel repellent. The simplest yet highly effective option is to install an ultra sound repeller. For squirrels, we’ve found the YARD GARD is best suited for outside, “in the weather” applications. It can be powered by an AC Power Supply which is included. Just set it up in one corner pointing in a direction that will most “cover” the suspected areas this animal is active.

Remember, these units project sound like a flashlight so it’s usually quite difficult to get complete coverage with just one unit. Now you did mention your roof is flat and if that’s true, you could be in luck. But again, coverage will be determined by factors such as obstructions, roof tilt, where the animal is active, where you can mount the units, etc. Send a diagram of the roof top layout including dimensions, any obstructions, where you plan on mounting the unit and where the animal is most active. From this we should be able to help determine if you’ll need one or more units, where they’d best be deployed, etc.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Yard Guard: http://www.bugspraycart.com/repellents/sound/usd-acbatt-yard-gard-49

Squirrel Article:  http://www.bugspray.com/article/squirrels.html#squirrel-control-sound-repeller

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