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We have been battling springtails for a couple of years now following the recommendations you have provided on this site so thank you!

I just recently noticed 2 small mounds coming out of a few cracks in our wood deck. When I sprayed the mound with some windex (I was cleaning outside windows when I noticed them) a bunch of springtails scurried about. Could the source of my problem actually be INSIDE my deck! We bought the house not to long ago and the previous owner did not take care of the deck. There are cracks everywhere. We weather treated the deck with stain but figured we could put off replacing the deck for at least a few more years. Thoughts if they could be nesting in the deck and thoughts on how to treat?

Springtails are opportunistic in that they can capitalize on any moist, damp environment which can provide soft organic matter for both food and nesting. This environment must also be out of the sun. This mix can be found on the ground just under pine straw, wood chips and basically under any decent top soil like that one would find in a flower bed. From there they’ll migrate up and out as their population swells and in this process, either die or find more such locations in which to thrive.

Now over the years of working on springtails, I’ve seen them successfully move out of the ground and into potted plants, rain gutters, under house siding, around windows, into door frames and most definitely into wood decks. In fact springtails love anything made with wood. And when the wood planks of any deck gets cracked and split, it becomes an ideal location for springtails to nest.

So with that being said, I would not be surprised if in fact you have springtails nesting in your deck. The good news is this is an easy place to treat. Just get some of the DFORCE aerosol listed in our article and use the included injecting straw to treat every crack you can find. Keep in mind the springtails will many times live in the wood joints of the deck too. So any place where deck planks meet the underlying support joints are prime nest sites. So too is where the balcony railings connect to the main posts, etc. And if your deck is close to the ground, the area under the deck is almost certainly a nest site that needs to be treated heavy with the CYONARA and BIFEN GRANULES.

D-Force:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/aerosol/d-force-14-oz-aerosol

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Springtails:  http://www.bugspray.com/article/springtail.html

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