sowbugs attack new farm house


Dears..After first rain and cold weather these days..thousands (or Millions)of sowbugs climbed on walls and doors of my just new farm house so that they may walk on bed and carpets..thousands are found dead (cold nights near freezing point). They are found under trees of the wide farm. Please help!!

If you review our SOWBUG CONTROL article, you’ll learn about several products that can help. The first you need to apply is the TALSTAR GRANULES. These should be applied to the turf, flower beds and mulch areas surrounding the home. Over time the granules will release the active ingredient so it trickles down into the turf where the sowbugs are nesting and in turn, kill them. Treat at least 25 feet out from every side of the home. Sowbugs can thrive under pine straw, wood chips and other organic matter which will be warm as it breaks down mulches down into the ground. This happens all year – even in the winter – and can enable most any insect to be active even during the coldest of winter.

Next, spray over the top of the granules with the TALSTAR concentrate which is mixed with water. This form of the chemical will act quickly killing any adults getting ready to migrate into your home. This in turn will take care of the active ones ready to migrate which will greatly reduce what you’re seeing entering the home.

Lastly, spray baseboards inside the home with the Talstar liquid. For areas where you don’t want to spray the liquid, get the D-FORCE AEROSOL and apply it to cracks, crevices and other areas where sowbugs are seen active. Dforce will kill sowbugs on contact and keep killing them for 1-2 weeks. Again, treating any room with activity will greatly reduce the amount you see and once the outside treatments kick in and take effect, you’ll eventually get control of the problem. But it will usually take 1-2 months and 3-4 treatments.

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