snake skin found in attic


My husband just found a 6 foot long snake skin in our attic!! Does this mean we’re infested? I haven’t seen or heard anything up there but he went to put away some boxes and there it was. He also said there are dropping up there like mouse poo. What do we need to do?

Start by reviewing our SNAKE article which will help educate you on what might be happening. As you’ll learn, snakes will commonly forage into homes for the winter hibernation but they’ll also be attracted to food like rats or mice. If you had or have mice active up in the attic, there is a good chance some kind of predator like a snake would be curious and come inside. Snakes have a strong sense of smell and will track rodents and other prey food so if you have mice or rats around or in your home, it’s only a matter of time before snakes came around looking for a meal.

At this point I recommend setting out at least one SNAKE LIVE TRAP and/or SNAKE GUARD GLUE TRAP. Either can catch snakes well and help provide more information about the extent of the problem, where it’s most active, etc. Be sure to bait either with SNAKE LURE.

You should also clean up any mouse droppings and snake skins. Once the area is clean and the traps are deployed, go back up at least once a week to inspect the areas and see if anything new happens. Look for any new activity and take further action if necessary. For now it’s too early to panic but based on what you found, I’d be prepared to deal with both Snakes and Mice in the coming months as winter turns to spring.

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