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Skunk under porch YEARLY. How do I prevent…. How do I get rid of the smell once they’re here? We caught ONE with humane trap a week ago but still have smell in house. Would there only be one? Hard to air out house (but I’ve tried !) since it’s cold out. Clothes in house smell . HELP!!!!!!

Once a house is “marked” by skunk scent and pheromones, its highly likely more will come around to the vacated area unless you neutralize the odors. So having them come back yearly is very much to be expected unless you address the problem.

Now the first step needed to solve the problem is to live trap any that are currently living or using the space. If you review our SKUNK CONTROL article, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to successfully live trap including what the best trap is to use, what the best bait is, etc.

The first rule is to leave the entrance way open until you’re sure you’ve trapped them all out. Now how do you know they’re all caught? This will be a judgement call but in general, as long as you’re using a good bait and trap, if the trap doesn’t catch any for 10 days or more it should safe to assume they’re all caught. At that time you can proceed with treating the odor.

And to remove the odor, you’ll need to apply a product we carry called N7C. This product biodegrades odors like skunk smell and by doing so, you’ll make the area less likely to attract new skunks. The key for a successful treatment is to get as much of the ground, foundation walls, porch underside,  etc. treated with the N7C. Now you can spray the N7C solution using any standard PUMP SPRAYER but the best way to apply it by far is with a MINI FOGGER. Using this device insures you get a thorough treatment which is critical if you want the odor to be diffused quickly and thoroughly.

Lastly, N7C can be used inside the home as well. You can wipe down the floor, walls, etc. with the mixture to deodorize any part of the home which will remove the scent. But again, the best way to use it is with the Mini Fogger because it will get the treatment distributed evenly over everything with very little effort or mess.

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