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I recently moved from western Pa. to Virginia. I am used to several stink bugs but this is ridiculous! We are renting a 100 year old home that had stood vacant for at least a year. I am spending several hours a day trying to vacuum them out of the windows in the house. They come back every 2 hours. There are hundreds of them daily. What do you recommend for such a serious number of bugs?

For starters you need to read our Stink Bug Control article which goes over everything you’ll need to know regarding this pest.

Stink Bugs:

Since you’re only renting the home, I’m not sure you’ll have any benefit from dusting. But I know inside aerosol treatments and outside liquid treatments will definitely help.

So using this strategy, I would say to start by applying the Phantom aerosol inside in every room where you see activity. You should treat all the windows, baseboards and crown moldings you can reach. Phantom is odorless and slow working taking a good 3-5 days to take it’s toll. During this time it will be spreading to all the stink bugs in the nests which means when it does start working, the impact will be brutal to the local population. If you do a good thorough treatment, you’ll see incredible results within a week.

Phantom Aerosol:

I also suggest setting up 2-3 Stink Bug Traps. One per room where you see stink bugs will really help cut down on the amount of vacuuming you’re doing. Just make sure to turn off all the lights when using the traps and only run them at night.

Stinkbug Trap:

Lastly, get the outside of the home treated with Cypermethrin and Spreader Sticker so you have in place a residual to get any exiting the home. This in turn will have a positive impact in that there will be that many less returning next fall.


Spreader Sticker:

Pump Sprayer:

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