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I have a moderate scorpion problem, a new born and a two year old. We had our house sealed from the inside and regular pest service and are still finding scorpions. We cancelled our pest control service and have noticed more bugs around the property. I would like to start doing the pest control my self. My question is, what can I use that is going to kill the scorpions and other critters?? I don’t want to have to buy multiple chemicals!

I’m not sure what you mean by “multiple chemicals” but if you review our SCORPION CONTROL article, you’ll see we recommend using several. To me, this would be considered “multiple”. But for most pests, using a combination of different products is required andyway and scorpions are no different. This is largely due to the fact that you need to use different formulations for different areas in and around the home.

So to start the process, you’ll want to apply a band of DELTAMETHRIN GRANULES around the yard. Granules are a slow release formulation designed to be used on turf, flower beds, etc. outside the home. They’ll work on all pests and help to keep ants, crickets, roaches and basically anything off the area treated. Try to treat as much of your property as you can. The more of a pest free zone you keep, the less likely anything will make it’s way inside.


Next, spray the foundation of the home with CYKICK CS. This is an odorless concentrate that like the Deltagard, will work on all pests. Apply this to the exterior of the home once a month. Cykick can also be sprayed inside and should be applied to the baseboards of every room possible. Use it inside at least once every two months. Treatments inside will be less because they’ll last longer since they won’t be subject to the rain, heat, etc.

Cykick CS:

Now since it’s not practical to spray into wall voids using a liquid formulation, the use of aerosol is the way to go for these vital areas since scorpions love nesting in cracks and crevices. And the best aerosol for the job is PHANTOM. It’s odorless and highly active on all pests. Plus it goes on “dry” making it ideal for use around windows, door frames, etc.


Lastly, setting out some SCORPION TRAPS is suggested. They’ll help by catching scorpions as well as alerting you to problem areas of the home.

Scorpion Traps:

In summary, it will take a few different formulations to properly treat for scorpions in and around your home but the good news is all these materials will work on all pests. So if you treating as described above and in our scorpion article, you’ll be able to successfully keep all pests out of your home by doing these procedures on a routine basis.


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