Looking for a remedy to cure scale which has affected our gardenia shrub and very large jade tree…

We’ve got a few options.

Most people know about Dormant Oil which works well on scale. But it’s really best for use in the winter and early spring since it can “burn” plants.

Dormant OilDormant Oil:

So being that its summertime, I’d recommend you don’t use dormant oil. However, you still need to spray and then second, apply a systemic.

The spray that can be used now is to be used with the intent of getting quick control of the active scale you see. And we have several options that can do the job.

The organic spray option is Multipurpose Insect Killer which uses a combination of a few very safe actives. This combo is highly effective on insect scale and because its organic, you can use it daily if needed.

Multi-Purpose Insect KillerOrganic Insect Killer:

The stronger spray option would a concentrate we use in the professional pest control industry known as Defense. This odorless formulation will last 2-3 weeks per application and is the “strongest” spray you can use now that won’t injure plants since its water based.

D-Fense SCD-fense SC:

Apply either the Multipurpose Insect Killer or Defense with a good pump sprayer.

Pump SprayerPump Sprayer:

Next, treat any plant you want to keep permanently insect free with Dominion 2L. This product is a systemic which means you treat the ground and not the plant itself. Once the Dominion is applied to the soil, the active will be absorbed up into the plant via its roots and then distributed to the plants leaves, etc. Once this happens, anything that tries to eat the plant will die.

Dominion only needs to be applied once a year so its long lasting. The only drawback is that it can take 2-4 weeks to get distributed throughout the plant which is why you should first spray the active scale with either the Multipurpose Insect Killer or the Defense.

Dominion 2LDominion 2L:

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