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Huge grub problem in my yard! Now I get where all those June beetles come from. Want to do a lot of killing but would like to keep the pets safe. Could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time.

In fact most all of our products can be used safely where people and pets reside. When used properly and application guidelines are followed, there is little to no chance of problems. In general you need to keep the pets and kids away when treating and allow for adequate dry time before letting them back over treated areas.

To learn more on other precautions, view our Safety Video’s which explain everything you need to know in great detail. The ones you’d want to view relative to GRUB CONTROL would be the video on “CONCENTRATE SAFETY” and “GRANULE SAFETY“. There is one on “Dust” and one on “Aerosol” but they don’t pertain to the Grub products. These can be seen here:

After viewing these, go to our GRUB CONTROL article where you can learn more about grubs including how to treat for them and what products are needed. In general, the best approach is to apply some MERIT GRANULES and spray over the top with CYONARA. If you keep pets off the treatment for a day, there will be no risk to them in the days following the treatment.

Now if you want something more “green”, there are products that can be used in place of the two mentioned above. More details can be seen on our ORGANIC PEST CONTROL site but basically these are products which are either “exempt” from federal registration or have been approved for organic gardening. These products work fine but do need to be applied more frequently.

For grubs, the two you’d use in place of the two above would be ECO EXEMPT GRANULES first with GRUB KILLER sprayed over the top.

Hope this helps!

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December 21, 2013

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What if my dogs eat the grubs after I treat the lawn?

December 22, 2013

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