noseeums driving me crazy!


Hi, I have a 1 b/r Apt. with these noseeums driving me crazy. Every time I get on the Computer I get attacked. I’ve been told the Linalool Candles work good???

If you review our NOSEEUM CONTROL article, you’ll learn there are several options which can be applied to your problem. These are proven methods and though we sell repellents like the LINALOOL CANDLES you mention (these are actually featured in our noseeum article), repellent treatments aren’t viable for use inside.

The reason is simple; the problem you have is inside a structure and therefore you can’t “repel” the pest away for good. The use of repellents in a confined area will simply cause the target insect to move around and because they’re still actually inside the home, the problem won’t go away. In fact, repellents used inside can many times make the problem worse. This will happen because you’ll be aggravating the pest making them have to continuously move with no place to go. This in turn will cause them to burn more energy which in turn causes them to need more food. This means they’ll be drawn to targets like you or your family even more as they will need food to replenish all the energy they’re using to avoid to the repellent. The good news is all this can be avoided.

And the way to avoid it is to treat with either of two aerosol products we feature in our article.

The first is a spray that you manually control like hairspray. Basically you’ll apply some to the open air in any room which has noseeum activity. PT-565 is a pyrethrin based spray and as such is very active on noseeums. It’s easy to use, works in minutes and can be used safely inside the home as needed. In other words, you can spray in the morning, afternoon and evening if needed. Treatments generally last several hours and if you apply some daily for a week or two, you might be able to break their life cycle inside which in turn will get rid of them for good.





For a more permanent solution, install an AEROSOL MACHINE filled with CLEAR ZONE REFILLS in any room with activity. Clear Zone uses the same pyrethrin as the PT-565 but when used in the machine, treatments will be done continuously as you’re able to schedule the spray to be released (once every 15 minutes is ideal). But because the machine is doing the treatment for you, there is no risk or worry about missing an application. Cans last 30-45 days and the machine is small, can be placed anywhere in the home and is easy to setup.









For more information on Noseeums, review our article posted here:


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March 17, 2014

Carol Meador @ 8:11 am #


I’m dealing with an infestation of noseeums in my 2 bdrm apt. It has been going on for over a year. I’ve used bifenthrin inside and all it does is aggravate them and cause them to bite more. I think they are immune to it. Would they also be immune to pyrethrin spray you recommend. I’ll be applying some nylar in a few days. What can I do to break the life cycle? Do you think fogging with cedarcide will work?

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