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Last summer we were hearing some strange noises in our attic. At first it sounded like a lot a bees or something. Next, we heard something like a big item being dragged across the ceiling. We got someone to go up there and look and they told me it was entirely too hot up there for anything to be living up there and they did not find anything. This went on for awhile (during the day and night) and then it just went away. Well last night it seems like what ever it was has come back. First it sounded like something was trying to chew through the ceiling and then it stopped. A few minutes later it sounded like something was being dragged across my ceiling. What could this be?

There is a long list of animals that will move in and use attic spaces for nests and homes. The short list includes bats, flying squirrels, mice, opossum, raccoons, rats and squirrels. Based on the sounds you hear, I would guess raccoons but there is no way to know for sure unless you got up there and met the animal face to face or get a visual on it as it’s either leaving  or entering the home.

So to stop the intrusion, there could be several fixes. But no doubt one of the quickest and easiest to employ is the use of ultra sound. Basically these are devices which emit a sound that people can’t hear but animals can. And they don’t like it.

So if you were to install one of these in this space and kept it running 24 hours a day, whatever the animal might be will surely leave and not return as long as the unit is kept turned on.

The best unit for this application is the TRANSONIC USD. Designed for use inside the home, it costs pennies to run a month and works well on most any animal. Get one of these installed and you should be able to keep the animal out.

More information on each of these animals can be found in our online articles and as you’ll see, the one common control method listed in each is the use of Ultra Sound.


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