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My boyfriend and I just had I don’t know how many no seeums in the house but he or my daughter did not get bit but I did. Like every night. Why is that?

Noseeums are blood feeding insects and as such, will target animals with blood. Now when confined to a closed environment like a home, everything that controls their senses becomes very consistent from day to day. In other words, the air temps, moisture levels, etc. will remain pretty much the same all the time. This is important because it controls what they see and in the end, who they target.
Additionally, there will no longer be an unlimited food supply. In other words, when out in the wild, noseeums will be able to target any animal with blood. This will include birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, people, etc. And because of the varying environment conditions like different air temps, moisture levels, light levels, etc., they will be able to “see” all these different opportunities clearly. This is why out in the wild, no seeums will typically feed on anything that comes around. And in doing so, will readily bite most all people and animals.
But once they move to an inside environment that’s very “static”, they will change and begin to focus their attention to usually  just one person or pet. This happens because what they see becomes a focused entity and extremely limited.
Now once this happens, its usually just one person that will be getting bit. And in this case, it sounds like you’ve become that one person!
Not surprisingly, what you’ve described is very common and usually what happens once outside populations move into a home. And if you want to problem to stop, you’ll need to treat using one of the remedies we have listed in our noseeum article here:
As you’ll learn, daily treatments using PT-565 will usually do the job but a more permanent solution is setting out an Aerosol Machine with some Purge 3.

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