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I need you to recommend a kid-safe solution for the following. I have a beach house in a 3 acre lot and need no-see-um control since I have a huge pest problem. Thank you.

First, all the treatments listed in our NO SEE UM CONTROL article are safe around kids and pets when used properly. The key is to follow some basic safety guidelines like not treating with anyone around and letting the treatment dry before going out into the treated area. More on this can be learned in our safety video’s which appear under every product on their respective product pages.


Now as you’ll learn in the article, treating properties that are 1/2 acre or larger need to be fogged with one of the devices listed in our article. These are all easy to use and can cover large areas quickly. I use the BACK PACK FOGGER and treat my 1 acre lot in 10 minutes using 2-3 gallons on average. I’ve got a lot of thick vegetation so I use more compared to someone who might have a level, open lot.

The product I mostly use is BIFEN. It’s odorless, can last several weeks  and works on most any pest. Now if you’re wanting to treat right up to water or marshland, go wit the ESSSENTRIA IC. It’s approved and labeled for use around docks so it’s okay around water and would be the “green” choice for sure.

Now with any flying pest, it’s tough to say how frequently you’ll have to treat since it’s all based on how fast they “rebound” in your area. For me, it’s about 2 weeks. So to start, we recommend our customers  to treat every 10 days and then adjust as needed.

If the pests come back in 7 days, increase your frequency to every 6-7 days or once a week. If one treatment lasts 2 weeks then you can wait longer in between treatments and maybe get on a twice a month routine like I enjoy. But I think you’ll find over time that the length of protection per treatment will vary from season to season and also that rain can factor in big time too. The point is you need to be flexible and fit the routine to what the property will need based on a wide range of variables. Now once you learn this cycle, you should be able to keep the area pest free. Good luck!


Back Pack Mister:

Bifen IT:

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