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Hello, I would like to purchase a high-end mosquito fogger. I am inquiring about solutions to use – do you sell pyrethrum or permethrin? How much please and how long would they last? Tx, Jill

If you review our MOSQUITO CONTROL article, you’ll learn we have many types of foggers and several compounds that can be used to fog including PYRETHRIN and PERMETHRIN. Here is a brief summary of some options; our online article covers all of this in much greater detail and well worth reviewing if you want more product and treatment details (a link to that is down below too).

For small jobs, an electric Mini Fogger may do the jog.

Mini Fogger:

For small to medium yards, like 1/2 acre or less, a slightly larger unit like this would be better suited:


For an acre or larger (which is what I have and I use this unit), the gas powered backpack Mist Blower is a great choice:

Back Pack Mister:

And if you have several acres you want to treat,  a thermal fogger will be needed (requires oil only mixtures):

Golden Eagle:

As for what to use in these? All of the above units will accept water based products except the thermal fogger which needs oil based material. And since oil based materials cost more, this is something that should factor into your decision on which model to get. Again, our article explains the differences more in detail.

So for all of these units, we do have a Pyrethrin and Permethrin that can be mixed with water or oil.


Permethrin SFR:

And if you need to get the thermal fogger, which is really only needed if you are treating a couple of acres or more, you’ll need to use deodorized oil for making tank mixed solutions:

Deodorized Oil:

Lastly, if you intend on treating around water like ponds, rivers, lakes or the ocean, go with Essentria IC. This material uses a food grade active that is labeled for use in these sensitive areas:

Essentria IC3:

For more details on all these products, refer to our Mosquito Control article here:

Mosquito Control:

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