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I purchased my home last August and noticed then my yard had moles because I could see many tunnels in clear veiw. I am wondering what do the moles do during the winter months around Tulsa, Okla area? I plan to use your granules and spray products starting in Feb. and treat all year until next Feb….is that an over kill so to speak?

I thought since my one acre yard was so infested that a one year treatment would be needed to get rid of the problem. Your thoughts?

If you review our MOLE article, you’ll learn these guys are generally busy feeding all year long. You’ll also learn that grubs tend to rise to the surface during the cold months too making them especially vulnerable to treatments. So I suggest you apply some BIFENTHRIN GRANULES now.

Once the soil warms, around Feb, March, spray over the top with some TEMPO. You could apply some now if it’s warm enough but I just don’t follow the weather in your region so I honestly don’t know. I do know if the ground temps are 45 or lower, spraying is usually not going to help much because you really want temps to be 50+ so the active can work effectively.

In most cases, taking away the mole food will cause them to forage elsewhere. At least this has been the case in my yard for the past 20 years. Actually the original problem did require some “extra” work on my part because the moles were reluctant to leave. I had to bait them with TALPIRID WORMS because they refused to leave. But ever since then if I see even one tunnel, I notice it’s just an isolated case and that the moles don’t seem interested in sticking around much. Good luck!

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