mole crickets in vegetable garden


I have a problem with mole crickets in my vegetable garden. I am very particular with insecticides in the garden, but need to eliminate the crickets because they do a lot of damage, especially to young plants.

We have a couple of non-toxic organic concentrates that can handle this problem.

The first is known as 3IN1. This product is approved for organic gardening because it’s so safe for use directly on fruits and vegetables. With just “1 day to harvest” labeling, it doesn’t last long once applied yet its strong enough to control even the toughest of insects like mole crickets. If your problem is small meaning if the area you want to treat is only a couple of hundred square feet, this would be a practical concentrate to employ. And since it can be safely applied directly to your garden plants for controlling fungus, mites and many other insect pests, 3IN1 would be a good choice for use throughout the entire growing season for a wide range of garden type problems.

The second option would be ESSENTRIA IC. This is another concentrate thats very safe for use in and around the home. It uses essential plant oils as actives and is on the federal governments 25b “exempt” list. This means the actives are so safe, there is no need for the manufacturer to complete the standard testing most insecticides must perform to insure they’re safe for use around people and the environment.

Essentria is highly active on a wide range of insect pests and if you have a yard full of mole crickets, this would be the better choice since its stronger compared to 3IN1 and more cost effective to use in large areas.

Either of these concentrates can be applied with either a pump sprayer or a hose end sprayer like the ones we have listed on our SPRAYER page.

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Essentria IC3:

Pump Sprayer:

Mole Crickets:

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