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Can you please tell me what time of the year should I apply my millipede control outdoors? I live in the state of PA. Thank you.

There is no specific time of year. In fact millipedes are active anytime the soil temps are above 45 degrees and the air temps are above 50 degrees. Now will you always see them when they’re active? No. In fact most people only perceive millipedes to be a problem when they are migrating. But their massive migrations are fueled by over population. And how does overpopulation occur? By all the breeding they do throughout the year.

Long story short, the best approach for controlling most perimeter pests found in our yard and garden is to treat these areas on a regular basis. This can be done by applying granules to the turf and spraying foundations with a good professional grade concentrate.

This type of maintenance will help by keeping insect pests minimized around the home. And by maintaining their population around the home, its less likely you’ll see any kind of migration on the property or worse, into the home. Remember, millipedes are just one insect in a long list of pests which can “explode” population wise and if left to nest and breed as they’d like, big problems can develop. So to prevent any kind of major infestation from getting established, you should follow a regular pest control “program”.

The good news is such a program is easy to initiate and continue. You can see a simple explanation of how this can be done here:

Now as it turns out, the products listed in the above post are what we typically recommend for millipedes so if you follow the recommendations explained in the post (applying granules every 3 months and spraying the foundation every 1-2 months) you’ll be able to stop all pests from developing on your property.

But if you have a bad problem like one of those highlighted in our Millipede article, I would recommend applying granules and spraying once a month until the problem is resolved.

So if you already have a bad infestation, go with the Bifen Granules applied to as much of your turf as you can cover and then followup by spraying the foundation and the turf with Bifen XTS.

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