mealy bugs on my cactus


I’ve got what looks like mealy bugs on my cactus plants. I had a similar problem a few years ago on my jade plant and before I knew what was going on, it died. Can you help me treat my cacti without killing it?

Mealy bugs can be active year round if you keep potted plants. They will target most any plant and no doubt cactus and jade plants are high on their list of preferred food. Anything succulent is a sure target for mealy bugs and since mealy bugs can transmit all kinds of disease, even a small infestation can turn deadly.

I suggest you treat with some 3IN 1 CONCENTRATE. This is an organic product, approved for organic gardening, and includes a spreader sticker mixed with the concentrate. This is critical when treating mealy bugs because they’re naturally protected with a white, waxy coating. This coating makes it particularly difficult for most standard insecticides to penetrate for a good kill.

What makes 3 In 1 Spray work well is that it has what’s called “spreader sticker” built already built in. These are “agents” ¬†which work by enabling the active ingredient to better spread and “cover” the target area. In this case the cacti limbs and trunk as well as the mealy bugs themselves are all important to spray so don’t miss any when treating.

Now if you have a large area to treat, you will find BIFEN to be more economical to use. You’ll need to add some SPREADER STICKER to the tank mix to insure proper coverage because Bifen does not include this additive. But compared to 3 In 1, the Bifen mix will last 4 weeks or more making it economically advantageous. And it has no odor at all which is nice.

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