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We just built a house and we noticed that we have maggots in the garage. They are coming from the concrete floor out of the cracks. Could there be something dead in the concrete? Where ever there is a crack there are maggots and there is no garbage in the garage. Not sure what to do.

Maggots are the young stage of an insect and in most cases, some type of fly. And if they’re coming from the cracks in your cement, it means there is some kind of food under the cement that is feeding them. You see, once they feed, they’ll leave the food seeking a good location to pupate and turn to an adult. This is when they migrate (what you’re seeing now).

This also means there must be adults somewhere close that are laying eggs in and/or under the cement. And they must be doing this because they know there is food for their eggs in the area.

Now they could very well be flying down into the cracks and laying eggs. And since one fly can lay hundreds of eggs, it would only take a 1-2 pregnant females to cause the infestation you see.

Fortunately this should be an easy one to control.

So if you review our MAGGOT CONTROL  article, you’ll see we list a product called PERMETHRIN. This product is odorless, mixes with water and can be applied with a good PUMP SPRAYER. So for now, I suggest you get some Permethrin applied to all the cracks you see. If you use low pressure, you should be able to direct the spray into the cracks and most of it should funnel down naturally with the force of gravity if the cracks are large enough to accept the liquid.

I suspect this kind of treatment alone should solve the problem. Not only will it kill the maggots but it will also make any “food” for them useless so they won’t be able to feed on it anymore.

And once the treatment is done, the migrating maggots should cease to be seen within 1-2 days. And if this happens, you will know the problem most likely came from an insect penetrating the crack.

Now if the cracks are small and not large enough to treat with a liquid, go with DFORCE AEROSOL instead of the Permethrin. I say this because the Dforce comes with a tube that can be used to inject the spray making it better suited for tiny cracks. This will make it much easier to get the material where its needed.

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