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Lovebugs, mostly dead, accumulate inside and outside the doors and windows at my bay front home. What can I do to avoid this? Thanks.

If you review our LOVEBUG CONTROL article, you’ll learn that if you let them congregate around the outside area of the home, some will end up on the home. This in turn will enable some to get inside. And once inside, most will try to leave so they’ll be attracted to lights and mostly, windows.

To stop this, you should first identify where they’re most active in the yard. These areas should be treated with CYONARA RTS. This treatment will kill the ones active and since the application will remain active for several weeks, any more that come around will die too.

You should also spray the siding on the home to protect it from being invaded. Doing these treatments alone, before Lovebug season starts, will usually stop them from getting inside the home.

Lastly, once you start finding them inside, you should treat around windows and doors with PHANTOM AEROSOL. This product goes on dry and is odorless making it ideal for use inside. Now Phantom won’t kill on contact but this is very much by design. Basically it takes a good 1-2 days to take affect. But this insures all the ones in the area will be affected since they can’t detect Phantom has even been applied.

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Phantom Aerosol:

And here is a link to our Lovebug article which covers the use of these products in more detail:


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