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I recently ordered 2 qty 15-pack bait glue boards for Lizard control. After 4 weeks in the attic, there are numerous captured gecko lizards on the glue boards. I need help with two questions:

1. How often do I need to add bait to the glue boards? i.e, is there a “life” to a bait’s attraction capabilities?

2. Is it best to replace a glue board once a lizard is caught or is it better to let the glue board continue to catch the lizards? i.e. is a captured lizard a benefit or a deterrent to capturing more lizards on the same glue board?

THANKS in advance for your help…these pests are making the wife talk of selling the place, and we cannot afford to do it.

Our lizard traps will generally be active for 30-60 days. Now if the glue is still fairly tacky after 30 days and no lizards are caught, refresh the trap with more of the attractant pellets if you have some left.

Once lizards are captured, its best to replace traps after 30 days from when their caught. Initially a trapped lizard will help attract more to the glue. But once its been dead for 2-3 weeks, the odor of it will work as a deterrent and tend to repel lizards. So after a few weeks, it’s best to replace any trap that contains a lizard.

No doubt these traps work great and should help diminish the lizards present. But to help your cause even more, consider some of the other treatment options we have listed in our Lizard control article. No doubt the Pest Rid granules and spray can really help and should be applied outside the home.


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