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First let me say thanks for your website & products! They’ve helped us overcome a bad scorpion problem at our previous house.

Our current pest problem in our new home involves some mysterious, tiny blackish or maybe dark-brown colored insects that are virtually no larger than a grain of salt. They seem to be attracted to mostly sugary foods in our pantry. Any idea what type of bug we are dealing with and any recommendations on how best combat the infestation? Thanks in advance! Kurt in Marana, AZ.

Glad we were able to help with your scorpion problem! No doubt Arizona has it’s share of scorpions but like any nuisance pest, one can overcome them with the right materials and the right treatment methods.

Now when it comes to “tiny blackish or dark-brown colored insects” in the pantry, I’m sure we can help here too. My initial guess is that you have some kind of weevil or flour beetle. There are many species that can hitch a ride home from the supermarket and once in the pantry, establish themselves in some rice, wheat, cookie bag, flour sack, pasta or some other food item that may be well hidden, used infrequently or just overlooked. In fact, trying to locate what their main food source is will be a big part of solving this problem.

So for now, I suggest you review our weevil control article. In the article there is an aerosol product listed that you should apply to the pantry once it’s been cleaned out. And we also have some weevil traps you should install which will help collect a wide range of pantry living insects so it’s a good trap to start with when dealing with a problem such as this. With any luck you’ll find the main food source and control any rogue adults with the traps and Dforce aerosol.

Rice Weevils:



Now if after a month of following the recommendations listed in our article you aren’t seeing any positive progress, give us a call for more help. But in most cases, these problems can be dealt with abruptly once you identify their main food supply and get the pantry treated. Good luck!

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