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Will PERMETHRIN 10 kill these knats on my screens? We never open the windows. For years these tiny bugs have took over the out side of my home. This year they are very bad. They get under the shutters by the thousands. We wash them off with a water hose but they’re back very fast. We live in Nashville Tn. and we have wet and hot summers.

I believe you mean “gnats” which are small black flying pests that will hatch in the thousands during the summer and fall months where it’s warm and moist. And in some cases, they’ll group up on house siding. They will usually do this where they’re finding some type of moisture, shade or heat.

PERMETHRIN 10 can help but a stronger treatment would be CYPERMETHRIN. It’s a similar product used the same way but in the end, it will prove more effective at both killing and controlling this pest when they’re landing on the house. And probably the longest lasting option would be ONSLAUGHT. It’s microencapsulated which means treatments become active over time and can last 3-6 months.

But really, any of these can be used. It just a matter of how long you’d like to get protection and if you don’t mind spraying more frequently, the Permethrin would be a fine starting point.

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I also suggest you review our Gnat Control article which goes over more about this pest so you can best handle your problem.


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June 2, 2013

Cathy @ 8:24 am #


Will this work on fungus gnats? We get them on our chinese elm trees by the millions in the fall.

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