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You guys helped me get rid of white flys in my bushes so I am hoping you can help with this as well. Over the past two months I have been seeing a lot of small ants all over the house. It has gotten so bad recently that if we leave food out for less than an hour or two there are bugs in it. Please see the picture included which show these small bugs which I think are ants. We just had the house painted to seal it on the outside, and spraying the indoor/outdoor ant spray from home depot in both places, but this hasn’t helped. I see you sell some ant spray for serious infestations. Can you please advise me on how best to treat this problem both inside and outside as well as if these are really ants? Thank you!

It looks like ants in the picture you sent though I’m not able to tell the exact species for sure. Regardless, we should be able to help.

Now the first thing I have to say is that I’m surprised you went to Home Depot without contacting us first. As you know, we carry professional grade pesticides and know how to handle just about anything pest related. And when it comes to ants, using the right product is extra important. You see, the last thing you want to do with ants is to start spraying a traditional “over the counter” product since it will rarely solve the problem and in most cases, spraying a classic adulticide will just make it worse.
This happens because randomly spraying will usually cause the ants to “split up” and “bud” new nests from their original location. This happens because if you only spray the ants you see out in the open, the ants in the nest will figure out what is happening and move into a defensive posture which causes new nests to form. My guess is this has happened so for now, here’s what I suggest.
In the article, you’ll find that in most cases the simplest thing to do is to bait inside using the Maxforce or Advion Ant Gel. These two products work great when ants are seen trailing and you know where they’re most active. But the baits will only work best without sprays being used – especially the kind of  spray you’ve applied
So at this time I think the ant bait might not be best but instead, spraying will be the way to proceed. However, you won’t want to use what you’ve been spraying but instead, change to the Phantom and Optigard listed above.
These two products use unique actives which are undetectable by ants so they’ll readily walk over the treated surfaces. Now once they walk over the treatment, they’ll get some product on them which will then be shared with other members of the colony. This isn’t done intentionally but will happen over a period of several days and when it does, the net result is that every nest will be killed.
So if you spray your foundation and other key entry points around the home with Optigard, you’ll have in place a barrier that will get any outside nests within 1-2 weeks.
As for the inside; get the Phantom Aerosol. It comes with a small tube injector so you can inject some into any void or space where they might be hiding. Basically any place they’re active should be sprayed. Phantom is ideal for use inside since it’s odorless and goes on “dry” when used properly. This way it won’t make a mess or smell. I have hardwoods in my house so I generally don’t spray anything liquid but the Phantom Aerosol is ideal for such environments.
Get these two products applied and you should knock these guys out for good within a couple of weeks. Oh, and since both work on most any insect pest, you can use them throughout the year for regular pest control too. Good luck and be sure to consult with us first before randomly treating anything pest related. This can really save you time and cost.

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