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We have an ant issue. I have tried a general outside granule treatment in conjunction with Suspend SC. The ants go away for a month or so and then they are back. Unfortunately we have 3 parrots which drop pieces of food occasionally onto the floor. No matter how frequent we sweep and mop, they keep coming back. I have not thought of it until now, but our home has a built in insecticide tubing in the walls. I have asked a few exterminators and they all basically want a contract. Do you have a solution for injecting anything into these types of systems? I have air compressors and items of the like, just unsure of what you would use to actually inject the product.

Not sure what’s needed to use the existing system you described that’s built into your wall but if you give us a call and provide some more details, we should be able to get you set up with either a liquid that can be fogged through the tubing or maybe an aerosol you can pump through it that will permeate the voids.

No doubt treating this area could help but if you review our ANT CONTROL article, you’ll learn there is usually three steps to successfully keeping ants out of the home.

The first is to apply some type of granule around the home like DELTAGARD GRANULES we mention in our article. This barrier needs to cover at least a 10 foot wide swath around the home and in many cases, will need to be larger. This is especially true if you see ants active in the yard even 25-50 feet away. You must kill all this activity if you want them gone for good inside.


The second step is to spray the foundation with something like the SUSPEND you ¬†mentioned you’ve used in the past.

Suspend SC:

The last step is to apply a gel bait inside the home like MAXFORCE ANT GEL. This should be done anywhere you see ants and since placements can be discreet and out of sight, you’ll be able to locate the placements where your pets won’t see or find the spots. More importantly, even if they did eat any, there would be no impact since the active in Maxforce won’t hurt animals like pet birds. Basically any gel mistakenly consumed would be digested and processed like any other food item so there would be no hazard when using the bait inside. That being said, you still need to make placements small, about the size of a grain of rice and out of sight. Ants will find it no matter where you locate the gel because they love it so much so as long as it’s close to where you see them, you’ll get positive results.

Ant Gel:

The real key for you will be to start baiting the inside ants. You see, as ants forage in from outside and find the food you mention they’re finding, your home will become networked with outside nests as being a good place to visit to find food. That means even if you kill the inside ants, more will try to come back from the outside nests unless you have in place a good barrier to stop them. That’s what the granules and liquid treatments will provide.

But the inside ants will become independent of the outside nests once you treat outside and “cut off” the inside ants from their outside home nests. They’ll then create new nests somewhere inside and for this kind of problem, you’ll need the gel. So even though you’ve been pro active, in our experience treating just the outside or just the inside won’t solve ant problems like you have. But treating both on a regular basis will handle it so get on this program and I’m sure you’ll get positive results.


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September 24, 2012

Kellee Rodman @ 2:40 am #


Can you have someone email me – I have this tubing system as mention in this post. I have just started getting the black sugar ants and I know if I were to use my tubing system it would help greatly. However I was not really happy with the company that did the power injections and the cost was super high so I was wondering if I could get a quote from you or if you have a one time injection I could pay for to see if I like your company. I really just flat out hate contracts since I am not always good with scheduling appointments. I live in Las Vegas, NV.

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