huge centipedes in basement


Do any of your products kill and control centipedes that we are finding in our clean/dry basement? They are just huge. Please help!!!

If you read our CENTIPEDE CONTROL article, you’ll learn you need to treat both outside and inside the home to control this pest. Typically centipedes and millipedes come in from outside the home if you’re not doing regular pest control around the perimeter of the structure. And since these two pests are so hard to kill, you really need to use BIFEN GRANULES and BIFEN SPRAY. These should products work the best for these pests and should be applied every 1-2 months.

Bifen Granules:

Bifen IT:

Since the inside is clean and dry, treatments done inside should last awhile and help to prevent any from nesting once they get into the home.

Now if the basement is unfinished, treat with the liquid Bifen along the walls close to the floor. In fact many basements have a small expansion joint where the basement slab meets the wall and this crack can harbor a lot of pests. Ideally it should be treated thoroughly if accessible.

But if the basement is finished with some kind of wall that’s now covering the cement foundation, you’ll need to dust with DRIONE into this space. Next, spray the baseboards of these finished sections with the Bifen and if you have direct access to any section behind the wall, make sure to treat any cracks you can see.


Hand Duster:

In summary, dusting the walls and spraying inside will stop both centipedes and millipedes from nesting in the home. But if you want to stop them from entering the home, you’ll have to get them outside, around the perimeter of the structure, for long term control.


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